National Gulf War Resource Center

The National Gulf War Resource Center (NGWRC) is the leading international organization providing advocacy for Gulf War veterans. Founded in 1995 and based at the office of the Vietnam Veterans of America in Washington, DC, the NGWRC is non-profit, and donations to the NGWRC are tax deductible.

Since 1991, the Gulf Warís toxic legacy continues to devastate the environment of the Persian Gulf. The pollutionís effect impacts those who served there as well as those who serve and live there today.

Troops were exposed to oil well fire pollution. Soldiers inhaled and ingested radiotoxic depleted uranium. Clouds of low-level chemical and biological warfare agents poisoned veterans. Others were sprayed with pesticides. Some were used as human guinea pigs to test vaccines and anti-nerve agent pills.

Tens of thousands of Gulf War veterans claim they are now ill as a result of their military duty. Some family members are also reporting illnesses. As the casualty count continues to sharply rise, and because the government is failing to investigate the causes or provide adeqate medical care, dozens of grassroots groups are forming to assist fellow veterans.

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