National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Through its nationwide network of chapters, the National MS Society supports research efforts, educates, provides a variety of empowering programs, organizes fund-raising events, and advocates for people with disabilities.

The National MS Society supports more MS research and serves more people with MS than any national voluntary MS organization in the world.
The National MS Society is the only national voluntary MS organization that meets the standards of ALL major agencies that rate not-for-profit groups in the United States.

Through the Society’s 50-state network of chapters and divisions, assistance is provided to over a million people annually. Across the country, an estimated 2 million volunteers, supporters, and friends carry out our mission to end the devastating effects of MS, supported by 2,700 volunteer leaders. The Society has 780,000 general members.

The National MS Society spends more money on MS research than any national voluntary agency in the world. Since its founding in 1946, the Society has invested more than $350 million to MS research. In 2001, the Society will invest $29 million to support over 300 MS researchers working in the United States and abroad. This investment made possible significant advancements in finding treatments and improving diagnosis, rehabilitation, and symptomatic therapy for people with all forms of MS—as well as bringing us closer to a cure.

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» Recent News

First Recipients Chosen for the John Dystel Nursing Fellowship in MS Program
22 Jul 03 | The National MS Society is pleased to announce the first two winners of the Society sponsored John Dystel Nursing Fellowship in MS award, a pioneering, six-month education program designed to give nurses an opportunity to learn more about MS.

National MS Society Publishes New Guidebook To Aid Nursing Homes In Caring For People With MS
10 Jul 03 | The National MS Society is pleased to announce a new addition to its comprehensive library of MS information, titled Nursing Home Care of Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis: Guidelines and Recommendations for Quality Care.

Bennigan's Corporate & Employee Innovation Takes MS Cause Marketing to New Heights
09 Jun 03 | The National MS Society and the MS cause have found a lucky four-leaf clover in Irish-American food giant Bennigan's Grill & Tavern. A special partnership has been growing between the popular restaurant chain and the Society.



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