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The New Israel Fund is a philanthropic partnership of Israelis, North Americans and Europeans that works for equality and social justice for all of Israel's citizens.

Since its founding in 1979, NIF has granted more than $100 million to more than 600 organizations in Israel – organizations dedicated to safeguarding civil and human rights, bridging social and economic gaps, and fostering tolerance and religious pluralism.

NIF has played a key role in placing unrecognized and unpopular issues on the public agenda – from promoting the status of Ethiopian Jews and other immigrants to establishing battered women’s shelters and rape crisis centers, including special programs for Orthodox and Arab women. It supports a range of economic development and training initiatives for immigrants, Arabs, women, disabled citizens and other populations.

The New Israel Fund does more than make direct grants. Through Shatil, its training and technical assistance program, NIF provides hands-on assistance to hundreds of non-profit organizations in Israel. It creates and runs programs when other institutions are unable to take action; and it sponsors public education programs in Israel, North America and England on the challenges facing Israeli democracy.

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September 11th Tragedy
13 Sep 01 | The staff and board of the New Israel Fund send their heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of the victims of the recent terrorist attacks. Not just an attack on America, but an attack against those of us who would deny terrorism a role in...

NIF Announces Jeff Green as New Boston Regional Director
11 Sep 01 | Washington, DC - September 11, 2001 - The New Israel Fund, a non-profit philanthropic organization that promotes equality and social justice for all of Israel's citizens, today announced the hiring of Jeffrey Green as director of its Boston ...

Shulamit Bornstein Selected Winner of the Arthur Minden Leadership Award 2001/02
22 Aug 01 | The Arthur Minden Leadership Award was established by the Minden family, through the New Israel Fund of Canada, to commemorate the life of Arthur Minden (1910-1966) and to continue his passion for Israel. The Arthur Minden Leadership Award seeks ...



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