Oxfam America is an international development organization dedicated to creating lasting solutions to hunger, poverty and social injustice around the world.

Oxfam provides financial, technical and networking assistance to grassroots groups to support their self-help community development initiatives. Oxfam also advocates among national and international policy-makers, suggesting humane public policies that address structural impediments to ending poverty and hunger. In addition, Oxfam educates Americans about the causes and solutions to world hunger and poverty. A major component of our educational and policy work is campaigning throughout the U.S. to get Americans actively behind the important policy issues that we believe will make significant differences to poor communities.

Oxfam America is only one of 12 Oxfam organizations around the world that comprise Oxfam International. Together we maximize our effectiveness by collaborating with other Oxfams on emergency relief projects, campaigning for policy change, and in creating innovative broadbased grassroots projects that have great impact throughout a region or across countries. Click here to visit Oxfam International: www.Oxfam.org

For more information, or to contact Oxfam-America, see their website at: www.oxfamamerica.org

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New Oxfam Report Running into the Sand: How Failure at Cancun Threatens the World's Poorest People
02 Sep 03 | Members of the World Trade Organization are staring failure in the face on the eve of their biennial ministerial, says Oxfam in a report released today. From Sept. 10th-14th trade ministers from over 100 countries will meet in Cancun, Mexico.

Developing Countries Dig In for Better Deal on Medicines
29 Aug 03 | Last night developing countries united in a last ditch attempt to secure a better deal on access to medicines and patent rights, says international agency Oxfam. Delegates have been involved in lengthy negotiations over the last few days in Geneva.

US Farm Subsidies Fuel Mexico Corn Crisis
27 Aug 03 | In a new report "Dumping Without Borders" published today, Oxfam says that Mexican corn prices are freefalling in competition from heavily subsidized US imports. Local farm incomes are slashed, resulting in rural suffering and misery.

Developing Countries Challenge EU-US Agricultural Proposal
20 Aug 03 | Developing countries, led by Brazil, India and China, have tabled a radical plan to reform agricultural trade. In a proposal directed at the Cancun WTO negotiations, they demand immediate action to end export dumping and cut production subsidies.

Emergency Water Equipment En Route to Liberia
13 Aug 03 | International agency Oxfam will fly a plane with $144,000 US worth of desperately-needed emergency aid supplies from London to Liberia at 9pm GMT, to arrive in the capital Monrovia on Wednesday morning.

Trade: US-EU Farm Deal Is No Breakthrough
13 Aug 03 | The world's two subsidy superpowers, the European Union and the United States, concluded today a bilateral agreement on agriculture which will do little to advance reforms at next month's World Trade Organization meeting in Cancun, Mexico says Oxfam.

Peace and Security Vital for Liberia Aid Effort
06 Aug 03 | Real peace and security throughout Liberia are the essential preconditions for any effective aid operation in the country, Oxfam said today, as the UN launched an appeal for $69 million to tackle what it called a "humanitarian catastrophe."

US Must Lead Liberia Peacekeeping Force
01 Aug 03 | International agency Oxfam today urged the United States to put its troops on the ground in Liberia immediately, to give the strong leadership needed to stop continuing bloodshed and provide access for desperately needed humanitarian aid.

Oxfam Statement on US Liberia Troops Announcement
25 Jul 03 | Oxfam welcomes President Bush's announcement that US troops will be deployed off the coast of Liberia to support West African peacekeepers, saying it signals a strong commitment to Africa.

White House Must Give Timetable for Liberia Intervention
24 Jul 03 | Oxfam today called again on the White House to announce a concrete and non-negotiable timetable for its support for the deployment of peacekeepers to Liberia, including US troops.

Oxfam: While Washington Debates, Liberia Bleeds
23 Jul 03 | The international agency Oxfam issued an urgent call today for the Bush Administration to commit funds and logistics to pave the way for ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) forces and then the deployment of US troops.

Oxfam: Delay in Deployment of Liberia Force Costing Lives
21 Jul 03 | International relief agency Oxfam today warned that the delay in sending peace-keeping troops to Liberia is costing lives and contributing to a humanitarian catastrophe in the making.

Oxfam: The US Must Stop Blocking Access to HIV/AIDS Drugs
10 Jul 03 | As President Bush visits the AIDS Support Organization (or TASO) in Uganda today, Oxfam is calling on the US to allow poor countries to import affordable, generic copies of drugs to treat HIV/AIDS and other public health problems.

Oxfam's Iraq Program Update
10 Jul 03 | In Nassiriyah, Oxfam is continuing to work on Quick-Impact Projects (QUIPS) with the local water and sewage departments. This currently involves repairing major leaks and breakages in a system that normally supplies 60% of the city's water needs.

US "Gives With One Hand, Takes With The Other" In Africa
08 Jul 03 | As President Bush prepares to leave for his week-long visit to Africa, Oxfam is calling on him to address the enormous harm being done to the continent by unfair US trade policies.

Report from Iraq: the Current Humanitarian Situation
20 Jun 03 | The security situation in Iraq is still volatile, and though in some parts of the country it has eased considerably, other areas are still very dangerous. Recent reports in southern Iraq speak of a worrying rise in violent crimes in Nassiriyah.



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