Reading is Fundamental

Founded in 1966, RIF develops and delivers children's and family literacy programs that help prepare young children for reading and motivate school-age children to read regularly.

In 2001, through a national grassroots network of more than 400,000 community volunteers, RIF programs provided 15 million new, free books and other essential literacy resources to more than 5million children. This year, RIF is celebrating its 35th anniversary and the milestone of placing more than 200 million books in the hands and homes of children who need them most.

RIF serves children and families in every state, the District of Columbia, and U.S. off-shore territories in programs that operate in schools, libraries, community centers, child-care centers, Head Start and Even Start centers, hospitals, migrant worker camps, homeless shelters, and detention centers. Today, thanks to public-private partnerships, RIF is the nation's largest children's and family literacy organization.

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