The Smile Train

No one knows how many millions of children there are in the world suffering from clefts. No one knows how many lives will never be lived. How many children will never eat or speak properly, never go to school or hold a job. How many boys and girls will go through their entire life without ever being able to smile.

The greatest tragedy is that all of these children are suffering not because they were born with a cleft, but because they were born poor. Too poor to pay for a simple cure that has been around for decades.

Helping these children is the mission of The Smile Train. We help provide free cleft surgery and related treatment for children who would otherwise never receive it.

In as little as 45 minutes, and for as little as $250, we can help give these children not just a new smile but a second chance at life. With every cleft we repair, we restore a life. With every doctor we train, we help a community take one more step toward self-sufficiency. With every smile we deliver, we bring hope and dignity.

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