U.S. Committee for Refugees

Refugees are people who have lost everything: their homes, their belongings, their freedom, and their loved ones. Often, all that they have left are their inherent rights as human beings. Since 1958, the U.S. Committee for Refugees has identified those at greatest risk and given them a voice. Our work helps refugees get the protection and assistance they need to survive.

USCR's work has shown that if individuals understand the rights and needs of refugees, they will take action to help, and that if policy makers are pressured by their constituents, the media, and other governments, they will be more inclined to act humanely. By understanding the plight of refugees, you can aid USCR in its efforts to bring about early intervention and prevent the escalation of refugee crises.

For more information, or to contact U.S. Committee for Refugees, see their website at: www.refugees.org



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