Red Cross Financial Assistance For Victims Of Katrina

American Red Cross
Thursday, 8 September 2005

The American Red Cross is putting in place a mechanism for providing financial assistance for the victims of Katrina, many of whom are now in locations across the nation. The Red Cross is working with top leaders of America's financial services industry to establish a comprehensive system to get financial assistance to every storm victim as soon as is humanly possible.

We have today begun distribution of debit cards to victims in shelters in the Reliant Center Complex at the Houston Astrodome, since we have the technology in place there to accomplish this now. Our intention is to implement a comprehensive financial assistance plan by this weekend, which will involve the use of a toll-free telephone number, call center and other means.

In the meantime, our chapters around the country are trying their best to provide assistance to victims who have relocated; they have distributed more than $5 million in aid already.

We ask for the understanding and patience of affected people as we work without rest to provide financial assistance on a previously unimaginable scale. The American Red Cross and its 26,000 on-scene volunteers are sparing no effort to meet this unprecedented need.

Please note: This effort is not to be confused with the FEMA financial effort.

For more information, or to contact American Red Cross, see their website at:

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