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Red Cross Prepared To Shelter Hundreds of Thousands In Response to Hurricane Charley
12 Aug 04 | The American Red Cross is urging residents along the west coast of Florida to heed the advice of officials and begin preparations for evacuation. Hurricane Charley could have a major impact on those living from the Florida Keys to Tampa Bay.

Red Cross Activates Hurricane Response Plan; Encourages Coastal Residents to Prepare Now
11 Aug 04 | With three major storms developing over the last week, this year's hurricane season is in full swing. Current indications are that residents in western Florida from the Everglades to the border of Alabama are going to feel the effects of two storms.

Hurricane Season Begins June 1 – Still Time to Prepare
28 May 04 | Hurricane season begins on Tuesday, and 60 percent of those most at-risk are unprepared, according to a national poll released by the American Red Cross. But the good news is there's still time to prepare.

American Red Cross Remembers Role During WWII, Pays Tribute To A Great Generation Of Volunteers
24 May 04 | As the nation prepares to dedicate the National World War II Memorial to honor the 16-million Americans who served in the U.S. armed forces during the war, it is important also to commemorate the sacrifice and heroism of millions more.

Red Cross Calls for ACTION NOW during National Hurricane Preparedness Week
14 May 04 | National Hurricane Preparedness Week kicks off May 16 with dismal news – only 40 percent of hurricane-prone communities are prepared, according to a national poll released by the American Red Cross.

Experts Recommend Taking Advantage Of Calm Before The Storm
04 May 04 | Top hurricane experts urge Atlantic and Gulf Coast residents to take heed and use this year's National Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 16-22, to do just that - prepare.

Blood Banking Community Issues National Appeal for Immediate Donations
12 Jan 04 | The nation's blood banks, represented by the American Association of Blood Banks, America's Blood Centers and the American Red Cross, are asking for immediate blood donations to boost already critically low blood supplies.

Nation's Terror Threat Level At Yellow/Elevated; Continued Diligence, Preparation Encouraged
09 Jan 04 | The terror threat level is back to "Elevated/Yellow," indicating a significant risk of terrorist attack, and the American Red Cross is urging families and individuals across the nation to continue to be diligent and make appropriate preparations.

American Red Cross Sends Relief Personnel, Supplies to Iran
02 Jan 04 | Today, the American Red Cross announced the deployment of a four-person Relief Emergency Response Unit to Bam, Iran, where team members will be working with International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement partners to distribute relief supplies.

Powerful Earthquake Rocks Iran’s Kerman Province
26 Dec 03 | Iran's southeastern Kerman Province was rocked by a powerful earthquake during the early morning hours of December 26, that was estimated to measure between 6.3 and 6.7 on the Richter scale by the SED, the U.S. Geological Survey and Iranian sources.

American Red Cross Statement on BSE (Mad Cow Disease) case in Washington State
24 Dec 03 | The American Red Cross is aware of information released yesterday regarding a presumed positive case of Mad Cow disease (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) in Washington state. The investigation is being handled by the USDA.

Flooding and Landslides Devastate Philippines; American Red Cross Ready to Assist
24 Dec 03 | A week of torrential rains and flooding followed by substantial landslides have enveloped the Philippine islands of Mindanao and Leyte, causing widespread damage, evacuation and at least 94 deaths. About 60,000 people in the Philippines are affected.

Nation's Terror Threat Level Raised To Orange; American Red Cross Urges Families, Schools, Businesses To Prepare
21 Dec 03 | America's terror threat level has been raised to "High/Orange," and the American Red Cross is urging families and individuals to make appropriate preparations according to the Red Cross Recommendations for the Homeland Security Advisory System.

House Fires Lead American Red Cross List of 2003’s Highest Impact Disasters
17 Dec 03 | In a year of headlines filled with raging wildfires, devastating tornadoes, damaging hurricanes and relentless floods, the American Red Cross provided relief for more than 805,000 families in a year that called for 243 large-scale disaster responses.

International Conference Of The Red Cross And Red Crescent Affirms Commitment To Emblem Solution
12 Dec 03 | The American Red Cross is heartened by this decision, which represents an important step towards increased protection of humanitarian workers around the world, as well as the long sought membership for Magen David Adom.

American Red Cross International Services Awarded
09 Dec 03 | American Red Cross International Services won two grant awards given by the World Bank at the 2003 Global Marketplace. The awards, totaling US$240,000, will allow the support of an extensive clean water project in flood-prone areas of Cambodia.

Gambia Measles Vaccination Campaign To Vaccinate More Than 240,000 Children In One Week
04 Dec 03 | The Measles Initiative will carry out its last mass measles campaign of the year December 8-14 in Gambia. All at-risk children between the ages of nine months and 14 years old will be vaccinated.

American Red Cross Readies Businesses For Disaster
04 Dec 03 | Continuing its effort to create an overall culture of preparedness, the American Red Cross rolled out the next phase of its Together We Prepar initiative. The new program enhances the current Red Cross workplace safety portfolio.

American Red Cross Responds to Flooding in the Dominican Republic
26 Nov 03 | Flood-related damage and destruction of highways and village roads have isolated many residents and communities from relief efforts in portions of the northwestern Cibao Valley and the lower Yuna River Basin in the northeast.

American Red Cross Assists Thousands of Southern California Families
26 Nov 03 | As twelve major wildland and urban/wildland fires raged in southern California, homeowners, residents and emergency workers turned to the American Red Cross for help. The costs of providing relief to the victims continues to be counted.

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