YWCA of the USA

Three hundred thirteen YWCAs, united under the umbrella of the YWCA of the U.S.A., make the YWCA movement: the largest provider of shelter services for women and their families in the country; a leader in violence prevention, offering programs and services to more than 700,000 women and children annually; the country's largest nonprofit provider of child care services, with 750,000 children participating in child care and after-school programs annually.

The YWCA is also a comprehensive employment training and placement services agency, enrolling some 100,000 women annually; a leader in sports and physical fitness programs for women and girls; a trusted source for breast cancer referrals, screenings and education services; and a pioneer in the fight for social justice.

For more information, or to contact YWCA of the USA, see their website at: www.ywca.org



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