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The American Refugee Committee (ARC) works for the survival, health, and well-being of refugees, displaced persons, and those at risk, and seeks to enable them to rebuild productive lives of dignity and purpose, striving always to respect the values of those served. ARC is an international nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that has provided multisectoral humanitarian assistance and training to millions of beneficiaries for more than 20 years.

ARC has grown to provide multisectoral assistance to hundreds of thousands of uprooted people in Africa, Asia and Europe with a 2001 budget of about $26 million. ARC programs provide assistance in primary health care delivery (including reproductive health services), improved water and sanitation, shelter reconstruction, micro-credit schemes, environmental rehabilitation and psychosocial services.

ARC works with local communities and their leaders to build their capacity to care for themselves. ARC prefers not to provide assistance that is either impossible or difficult to sustain once ARC has left an area.

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American Refugee Committee Continues to Assist Refugees in Rwanda, Ten Years After the Genocide
06 Apr 04 | Ten years ago, the world watched in horror as a systematic genocide was carried out against Rwanda's Tutsi minority. The Minneapolis-based American Refugee Committee was one of the many international organizations that provided emergency relief.

ARC Mourns Loss of Fern Holland, ARC Advisor, Killed in Iraq
15 Mar 04 | The American Refugee Committee (ARC) expresses sadness at the death of Fern Holland, who was killed in an ambush last week southwest of Baghdad, Iraq.

American Refugee Committee Plans Emergency Response for Earthquake Survivors in Bam, Iran
03 Jan 04 | In response to the devastating earthquake in southern Iran, the American Refugee Committee (ARC) is coordinating several significant relief efforts.

Local Companies Team Up to Deliver Critical Supplies to Iraqi Hospitals
27 Oct 03 | Two Twin Cities companies and a Minnesota-based humanitarian relief organization are teaming up to make life better for thousands of people in southern Iraq. Seven pallets of medical supplies arrived in Kuwait city today.

Local Liberian-American to Return to Liberia as Part of Humanitarian Assessment Mission
22 Aug 03 | A team of humanitarian workers from the American Refugee Committee (ARC) will be traveling to Liberia to conduct an assessment of needs in the wartorn country.

ARC Ships Humanitarian Supplies to Liberia
15 Aug 03 | Today the American Refugee Committee completed its first shipment of humanitarian supplies into Monrovia, Liberia's capital, where civil unrest has caused a humanitarian emergency in recent months.

Paul Bremer visits with ARC staff in Iraq
14 Aug 03 | Paul Bremer, the Bush administration's chief administrator for Iraq, met today with staff from the American Refugee Committee in Al-Amara, in southeastern Iraq. He was visiting the area to survey the work of humanitarian organizations such as ARC.

ARC Nears Completion on Ten Quick Impact Projects in Iraq
23 Jul 03 | Amidst the heat and instability of post-war Iraq, the American Refugee Committee is improving living conditions for thousands of people through its "Quick Impact Projects" or "QIP"s in the Maysan province of southeastern Iraq.

ARC Urges President Bush to Send Troops to Liberia
10 Jul 03 | Hugh Parmer, president of American Refugee Committee, today urged the Bush administration to send troops into war-torn Liberia. "I urge President Bush to use our military strength to help create and sustain peace in Liberia," Parmer stated.

Minnesota Government Leaders Declare June 20th "World Refugee Day in Minnesota"
20 Jun 03 | Ten Minnesota-based organizations that work with refugees issued a formal request to Mayors Kelly and Rybak and Governor Pawlenty to proclaim June 20th as World Refugee Day in Minnesota. The three government leaders issued the proclamations today.

Genocide Awareness Program Introduces St. Paul 8th Graders to the Unthinkable
09 May 03 | Genocide. It's a term that didn't even exist before World War II. But as Saint Paul 8th grade students will learn during 10 American Refugee Committee (ARC) presentations, it's a practice that continues to plague nations across the globe.

FM107 Launches Fun Drive With ARC
28 Apr 03 | With the children of Iraq recovering from war and years of poverty, a Twin Cities radio station has launched a campaign to help. The "Kid 2 Kid Summer Fun Drive" will raise money for toys, recreation equipment, and art supplies for Iraqi kids.

ARC Sends Humanitarian Supplies into Iraq
23 Apr 03 | Last Friday, the American Refugee Committee became the first US humanitarian agency to deliver relief supplies to the people of Iraq. Along with London-based partner IRAC, they've delivered over 140 tons of aid to some of the most vulnerable in Iraq.

Relief for Iraq: ARC's Planning is Underway
28 Mar 03 | As conditions in Iraq deteriorate, the American Refugee Committee (ARC) is mobilizing its resources to provide a significant and timely humanitarian response.

Help ARC Help Iraq
24 Mar 03 | The American Refugee Committee urgently needs your support for our emergency efforts in Iraq. The people of Iraq have acute needs; needs for food, shelter, water, sanitary facilities, and medical care.

ARC Concerned for Potential Humanitarian Emergency in Iraq
17 Mar 03 | As the possibility of a war in Iraq increases, the American Refugee Committee is preparing its humanitarian response. As one of the most experienced organizations in caring for refugees, ARC is extremely concerned about Iraq's innocent war victims.

American Refugee Committee Named to Worth Magazine's 2002 Top 100 Charities List
24 Nov 02 | The American Refugee Committee is pleased to announce that for the third consecutive year, it has been named to Worth Magazine's list of Top 100 Charities. "This is a great honor, a tribute to the dedication of our staff around the world."

ARC Expresses Sympathy at the Tragic Death of Senator Paul Wellstone
29 Oct 02 | The American Refugee Committee has been deeply saddened by the recent death of Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife Sheila and daughter Marcia, and the four other victims of the tragic plane crash.

ARC Urges Americans To Help Fight Global Health Crisis
26 Jun 02 | The American Refugee Committee today urged Americans to join a campaign to battle the global health crisis, calling the death toll from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria unconscionable. Parmer praised Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone for co-...

ARC Starts Operations in Pakistan to Help Afghan Refugees Return Home
16 May 02 | The American Refugee Committee has launched a program in Pakistan to help Afghan refugees return to their homeland in good health. Today, on the second day of operation, ARC health workers gave measles and polio vaccinations to 900 children and ...

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