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AmeriCares is a nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization, which provides immediate response to emergency medical needs -- and supports long-term healthcare programs -- for all people around the world, irrespective of race, creed or political persuasion.

AmeriCares solicits donations of medicines, medical supplies and other relief materials from U.S. and international manufacturers, and delivers them quickly and efficiently to indigenous healthcare and welfare professionals in 137 countries around the world.

Financial contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations are used to defray the cost of AmeriCares' programs. Since its inception in 1982, AmeriCares has delivered more than $2.9 billion worth of life-saving supplies to those in need.

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AmeriCares Airlifts Desperately Needed Relief Supplies To Haiti
09 Mar 04 | An AmeriCares cargo jet filled with more than 42,000 pounds of emergency supplies departs from Miami International Airport Wednesday for thousands of Haitians reeling from more than a month of violence and civil unrest.

AmeriCares Steps Up Relief Effort To Haiti After Aristide's Departure
05 Mar 04 | Following intense political violence in Haiti, AmeriCares is stepping up it's relief efforts for that country by deploying two disaster relief specialists to Port-au-Prince on Saturday in preparation for an AmeriCares airlift to follow.

AmeriCares Airlift of Relief Supplies for Iranian Earthquake Survivors
29 Dec 03 | An AmeriCares cargo jet loaded with more than 70,000 pounds of lifesaving emergency supplies for survivors of the Iranian earthquake departs from Bradley International Airport on Tuesday, Dec. 30.

AmeriCares Responds to Deadly Earthquake in Iran
28 Dec 03 | AmeriCares, one of the nation's largest International humanitarian relief organizations is dispatching today an emergency response team to southeastern Iran, where a quake measuring at least 6.3 on the Richter scale has killed an estimated 20,000.

"AmeriCares for Liberia" Launches Long-Term Medical Relief Program For War-Trodden Persons Of West African Nation
03 Dec 03 | AmeriCares, one of the nation's largest international humanitarian relief organizations, will launch AmeriCares for Liberia December 5 by sending an emergency airlift to the suffering people of Liberia.

AmeriCares to Meet Needs of Fire Victims in San Diego
04 Nov 03 | With the help of corporate America, AmeriCares relief materials continue to arrive in San Diego in response to the 17 fires that have devastated the region, destroying 3,452 homes, 800,000 acres and forcing the evacuation of 100,000.

Barbara Bush to Officially Open New AmeriCares Headquarters
23 Oct 03 | Barbara Bush, the ambassador-at-large for AmeriCares, officially opens the humanitarian organization's new headquarters in Stamford Tuesday after a breakfast appearance in Greenwich to promote her new book, "Reflections: Life After the White House."

Emergency Relief for Liberia
19 Sep 03 | An airlift of 60,000 pounds of emergency relief is under preparation by AmeriCares for September delivery to Liberia where civil strife has created more than 500,000 refugees and swelled the population of the capital of Monrovia to 1.5 million.

AmeriCares Free Clinics Opens New Site in Bridgeport, CT
23 Jul 03 | Responding to a call for help from the Greater Bridgeport Medical Association and the East End Community Council, the AmeriCares Free Clinics opened a new site in Bridgeport, CT. The first day of operation was a success with numerous patients helped.

AmeriCares Delivering Emergency Relief to Famine-Stricken Ethiopia
17 Jul 03 | AmeriCares is preparing two air shipments of emergency aid for August delivery to southern Ethiopia in response to crop failures that have left 12.5 million people vulnerable to starvation.

AmeriCares Airlift of Medical Aid Arrives in Kirkuk
22 May 03 | More than 70,000 pounds of emergency medical relief, and $5 million worth of medical supplies and nutritional supplements, for Iraq arrived in Kirkuk yesterday on an AmeriCares airlift.

AmeriCares, Rubbermaid Send Relief for Midwest Flood Victims
20 May 03 | Two shipments of cleaning supplies worth more than $80,000 have been sent to Tennessee by AmeriCares where flood waters caused by tornados has driven thousands from their homes.

AmeriCares to Honor Rudolph Giuliani, Medical Professionals
20 May 03 | Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has been named recipient of the AmeriCares Giving Award, honoring him for "the courage and humanity he embodies in accord with the AmeriCares mission."

AmeriCares Airlift of Medical Aid Arrives in Baghdad
11 May 03 | AmeriCares, the nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization, has airlifted 80,000 pounds of essential medicines, medical supplies, nutritional supplements and other materials into Baghdad.

Weisman, Winter Join AmeriCares Board of Directors
28 Apr 03 | Fred Weisman of Brookfield and Dr. Stephen Winter of Ridgefield have been added to the board of directors of AmeriCares, the international humanitarian aid organization. The appointments were announced by Curt Welling, president and CEO.

AmeriCares Emergency Medical Aid Arrives in Kirkuk, Iraq
23 Apr 03 | AmeriCares, the humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization, has delivered 40,000 pounds of urgently needed medicine and supplies into Iraq from Silopi, Turkey. The truckloads of aid crossed the border at the Habur Gate Sunday.

Farnsworth Named Senior VP at Stamford-Bound AmeriCares
21 Apr 03 | Peter Farnsworth of New Canaan has been named senior vice president of finance and technology at AmeriCares, the international humanitarian aid organization which is moving its headquarters to Hamilton Avenue in Stamford Sept. 1.

AmeriCares Sends Relief Team and Humanitarian Aid for Iraqi Refugees
31 Mar 03 | AmeriCares, the humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization, sends a team of field workers to Turkey today to oversee the distribution of 25,750 pounds of medicine and humanitarian supplies as part of the mobilization of relief for Iraqis.

AmeriCares To Move Headquarters to Stamford, CT
13 Feb 03 | AmeriCares, the global nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization, will move its world headquarters to Stamford Park in Stamford, CT effective September 1, 2003. The move will position AmeriCares to expand its global relief efforts.

Dartmouth Medical School, AmeriCares Team Delivering Aid to Kosovo
23 Jan 03 | A Russian-built aircraft leaves Amsterdam for strife-torn Kosovo Jan. 27 carrying a relief team from the Dartmouth Medical School and the humanitarian aid organization AmeriCares with 34,000 pounds of medical supplies and other emergency aid.

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