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AmeriCares Partners With AMA for WorldScopes
15 Jan 03 | The first of many shipments of stethoscopes has arrived at AmeriCares. The delivery is the first donation from a program called WorldScopes, the first in a series of "Caring for Humanity" projects, launched by the American Medical Association.

AmeriCares Sends Aid to Uzbekistan
10 Jan 03 | AmeriCares announced today that it would deliver approximately $4,000,000 worth of medicines, medical supplies and nutritional supplements to Uzbekistan to benefit those in need around the country.

AmeriCares Distributes Free Flu Vaccine
10 Jan 03 | AmeriCares is distributing 70,000 doses of flu vaccine free to indigent populations in 20 U.S. states and Washington, DC. The flu season generally runs from December to April in the U.S. and is blamed for more than 36,000 deaths annually.

Humanitarian Crisis in North Korea: AmeriCares Responds
07 Jan 03 | AmeriCares continues to aid famine victims in North Korea, where severe floods and droughts have devastated the country's agriculture during the past three years, leading to severe food shortages.

AmeriCares Assists Needy in El Salvador, Guatemala
19 Dec 02 | Two AmeriCares initiatives are under way in Latin America to benefit the poor in El Salvador and Guatemala. Both are financed by a $5 million grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Optics Laboratory Donates Product Profits to AmeriCares, Camp AmeriKids
16 Dec 02 | Optics Laboratory, Inc., an eye-care products manufacturer based in El Monte, CA, announced it will donate consumer-targeted net proceeds to the AmeriCares Foundation and its Camp AmeriKids in a four-month charity drive for HIV/AIDS children.

AmeriCares Action For Africa: An Appeal For Funds
05 Dec 02 | AmeriCares has issued an appeal for funds to support an initiative to alleviate a medical and food crisis that endangers huge segments of the population in Africa.

AmeriCares Sends Holiday Airlift of Medicine, Toys to Haiti
05 Dec 02 | The annual AmeriCares holiday airlift leaves Miami this Saturday for Haiti carrying 40,000 pounds of medicine, supplies and toys for the sick and impoverished. The cargo is to be distributed through hospitals, orphanages and schools.

AmeriCares Sends Emergency Aid to Tornado Victims
15 Nov 02 | AmeriCares has sent a 20,000-pound truckload of emergency supplies to victims of the tornadoes that cut a 1,000-mile swath across the U.S. last Sunday and Monday, leaving 36 dead and hundreds of homes destroyed.

AmeriCares to Partner with U.S. State Department to Send Aid to Kyrgyzstan
04 Nov 02 | AmeriCares, the international disaster relief agency, announced today that it would airlift approximately 45,500 pounds of medical relief supplies, worth nearly $2.3 million, to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan later this week.

AmeriCares Rated No 1. in Chronicle of Philanthropy Survey
31 Oct 02 | AmeriCares has been ranked No. 1 among U.S. agencies operating internationally in the Chronicle of Philanthropy's annual survey, which rates the nation's largest nonprofit groups by how much money they raise from private donors.

AmeriCares Arranges for Surgery for 6-year-old
18 Oct 02 | A 6-year-old girl from Bangladesh has undergone surgery at Shriner's Hospital in Springfield, MA to correct a discrepancy in her left leg, a medical mission arranged by AmeriCares with assistance from Hoyt Livery on Cross Street.

AmeriCares Appoints New President and CEO
11 Oct 02 | He was President and CEO of SG Cowen Securities Corporation and Executive Vice President of Societe Generale Americas from 1996 through 1999. "AmeriCares is most fortunate to have the leadership of Curt Welling," says Bob Macauley, AmeriCares ...

AmeriCares Announces New Board Members
03 Oct 02 | AmeriCares, the international disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization, has announced the addition of four new members to its Board of Directors. All residents of New Canaan, the new members will help lead AmeriCares into its third decade.

AmeriCares Remembers 9-11
11 Sep 02 | It is a day the world will never forget. The attacks on the World Trade Center towers in New York, the Pentagon and an airliner ostensibly to target the Capitol left the nation frozen. Certainly the most devastating terrorist attacks in US history.

Camp AmeriKids absorbs longtime volunteer . . . and family
23 Aug 02 | Isabelle Reilly's extraordinary volunteerism at AmeriCares has developed into an extended commitment to Camp AmeriKids by other members of her family. Her grandson Drew, her daughter Kate, and Drew's father Jonathan are all counselors at the camp.

AmeriCares Part of Emergency Airlift to Uzbekistan
20 Aug 02 | AmeriCares is part of a five-agency airlift that leaves Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland today carrying medicine and supplies for Uzbekistan where health care has severely deteriorated since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union.

AmeriCares Responds to Severe Flooding in Texas
15 Jul 02 | AmeriCares, the national and international disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization, has responded to the severe flooding that has gripped the state of Texas. Bottled water and other supplies have been delivered to the affected regions.

AmeriCares sends follow-up shipment of flood relief to Kentucky
15 May 02 | AmeriCares has sent a second truckload of emergency supplies to Kentucky where parts of the state have been devastated by the worst flooding in 25 years. In the AmeriCares shipment were air mattresses, clothing, waterproof footwear, work gloves, ...

AmeriCares Honors MasterCard International, Sprung Instant Structures
17 Apr 02 | MasterCard International and Sprung Instant Structures are to be honored by AmeriCares at a May 21 benefit at New York's historic Regent Wall Street Hotel. AmeriCares is primarily supported by private contributors of funds and services as ...

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