America's Second Harvest Works with National Guard's Family Assistance Centers

America's Second Harvest
Thursday, 27 May 2004

As our country prepares to celebrate this Memorial Day, America's Second Harvest today announced a new collaborative effort with the National Guard to make sure that the families of active National Guard units have one less thing to worry about. Beginning immediately, families needing food assistance can find information about local hunger-relief agencies at Family Assistance Centers across the country.

Throughout the America's Second Harvest network, there has been an increase in the number of Guard and reserve families asking for emergency food assistance. In spite of the generous support provided by Family Assistance Centers and a network of state and federal laws designed to ease the financial hardship that can accompany activation, there are some families of activated Guard members who are experiencing serious budget problems and, as a result, are having problems keeping up with mortgages and other family expenses.

The hardships facing Guard and Reserve families are, for the most part, temporary. America's Second Harvest can help make things a little easier for some of these families through pantries that provide, on average, three days worth of food, estimated at fifteen dollars per person, which provides a savings of sixty dollars for a family of four. By easing the burden of where the next meal is coming from, the families of service men and women can stay strong until their loved ones come home.

"While young men and women are fighting for our country, America's Second Harvest will make sure that it does its part to make sure their families have the food assistance they need," said Robert Forney, President and CEO of America's Second Harvest. "Throughout our network, we can provide real support through our collaboration with Family Assistance Centers."

America's Second Harvest will work with the National Guard's Family Assistance Centers in several ways. Where necessary, its network of hunger-relief programs will establish self-contained emergency food pantries within Center facilities. In addition, families needing food assistance will be provided with information about existing charitable hunger-relief agencies in the communities in which National Guard and Reserve family members live.

For more information, or to contact America's Second Harvest, see their website at:

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