Mercy Ships

The Mercy Ships fleet which began as a dream in 1978, has completed projects in more than 70 port areas around the world. The ships provide medical and dental assistance, agricultural skills, and relief and development services. Mercy Ships brings food, life-changing operations, and long-term sustainable change.

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has: Performed 8,000 operations onboard such as cleft lip and palate, cataract, crossed-eyes, orthopedic and facial reconstruction. Treated more than 200,000 people in village medical clinics. Performed 100,000 dental treatments. Taught local health care workers, who have in turn trained multiplied thousands in primary health care. Provided tens of millions of dollars of medical equipment, hospital supplies, and medicines. Completed more than 250 construction and agriculture projects.

One of the reasons Mercy Ships is able to accomplish so much is because career and short-term volunteers raise their own support and pay crew fees to serve. People from over 40 nations join together to serve the poor and needy. Mercy Ships is committed to helping potential volunteers raise their finances with a program called ACE.

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