More Than 1,200 Commit Their Lives to Christ on Third Day of Brazos Valley Festival 2002

Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn
Saturday, 4 May 2002

Thousands of children, teenagers and adults crowded into Reed Arena on the campus of Texas A&M University Saturday morning and evening for the third day of Brazos Valley Festival 2002 with Franklin Graham.

At 11 a.m., more than 8,400 children and adults came to a children's meeting featuring Bibleman (Willie Aames) and singer Jeni Varnadeau. Bibleman and his sidekick, Cypher, presented the Gospel and explained Bible verses to the children. Aames removed his helmet at the end of the program and invited children and adults to come forward to receive Jesus Christ. More than 700 children and adults indicated decisions for Jesus Christ.

Later in the day, a crowd of more than 11,200 teenagers and adults packed the arena for an evening meeting that included special musical guests Jennifer Knapp and Jars of Clay. Young people filled the arena floor as the musicians played contemporary Christian music.

Before the musicians took the stage, Festival attendees heard Rebecca Wynalda, a volleyball player at Texas A&M University, talk about her relationship with Christ. She assured the crowd that although life involves struggles, "The Lord Jesus ... promises never to leave us or forsake us." She said, "Whatever we are going through, we know that we have the Lord there to lean on and to rely on." Wynalda encouraged those who did not have relationship with Jesus to consider the Gospel message that Franklin Graham would be presenting.

Franklin Graham's message focused on the questions and struggles that young people face. He based his message on the story of the rich young ruler in Matthew 19.

"This young man was not much different than some of you here tonight." Graham said. "Like a lot of young people, he ... wanted to find meaning for his life. But in spite of his advantages of wealth, power and possessions there was an emptiness and a restlessness in his soul."

Graham said that people today feel the same restlessness that the rich young ruler felt and are unable to fill it with money, power, relationships and drugs.

"Many of you are searching for purpose in your life ... Jesus said, 'I am the way, the truth and the life.' Will you follow Christ tonight? Will you put your faith and trust in Him?"

At Graham's invitation to come forward to receive Jesus Christ, more than 500 people indicated commitments to Christ.

Brazos Valley Festival 2002 with Franklin Graham concludes on Sunday with a 4 p.m. service featuring musical guests Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary.

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