The Marine Mammal Center Hires Jim Oswald to Manage Communications and Public Relations

The Marine Mammal Center
Monday, 7 June 2004

The Marine Mammal Center, a non-profit hospital, rescue and research facility for ill and stranded sea lions, elephant seals and other marine mammals, is proud to announce it has hired veteran public relations executive and former broadcast journalist, Jim Oswald, to head up and develop its public relations and communications program. Prior to his joining The Center, Oswald had been the principal and founder of Oswald Media Communications, a PR consultancy with clients primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"We are so excited to have Jim come on board and provide his expertise in communications and public relations on a regular basis," said Cynthia Schramm, membership and communications director for The Marine Mammal Center. "Jim knows what we do inside and out, both as an animal-care volunteer, as well as providing media relations counsel and assisting in representing us to the public, for the past three years."

"I'm ready for a refreshing and rewarding job that I can be passionate about;" said Jim Oswald. "The Center's dedication to bettering our knowledge about marine mammals has inspired me to want to help it communicate its news, milestones and research, to the world.

Mr. Oswald will be the day-to-day contact for journalists' inquiries. He'll also manage and run The Center's communications program, which includes its website, public outreach and response initiatives, along with other media relations activities and communication strategies. He has more than 10 years of combined experience as a radio reporter, television news producer and as a public relations executive. Mr. Oswald is a member of The Golden Gate Business Association, National Lesbian Gay Journalist Association and was a distinguished guest lecturer at San Francisco State University - College of Business Management & Marketing. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in television and radio news broadcast from California State University, Fresno. In his spare time, he is a correspondent for Sirius Satellite Radio's OutCue News program.

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