The University of Chicago Medical Center

The University of Chicago Hospitals has been at the forefront of medicine for decades -- quietly delivering extraordinary care to patients who come from all parts of the world. We have also been selected by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best hospitals in the United States.

This is where many of the country's latest medical discoveries are made. Here, for example, is where physicians helped discover the dangers of cholesterol. This is where surgeons performed the nation's first liver transplant from a living donor. Here you will find a team of hundreds of physicians and scientists working to find better treatments for a variety of diseases.

The University of Chicago Hospitals, an academic medical center based in Hyde Park on the campus of the University of Chicago, is a not-for-profit corporation which includes:

  • Bernard A. Mitchell Hospital, the primary adult patient care facility

  • The University of Chicago Children's Hospital, devoted to the medical needs of children

  • Chicago Lying-in Hospital, a maternity and women's hospital

  • The Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine, a state-of-the-art ambulatory-care facility with the full spectrum of preventive, diagnostic, and treatment functions
  • For more information, or to contact The University of Chicago Medical Center, see their website at:

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    Diahann Carroll to speak at University of Chicago Hospitals cancer survivors celebration
    21 May 04 | Actress, singer, and breast cancer survivor Diahann Carroll will be the keynote speaker for University of Chicago Hospitals' 15th annual Cancer Survivors Day celebration on Sunday, June 6.

    Chemical gradient steers nerve growth in spinal cord
    12 Dec 03 | A research team at the University of Chicago has discovered a crucial signaling pathway that controls the growth of nascent nerves within the spinal cord, guiding them toward the brain during development, solving a long-standing scientific mystery.

    Nitric oxide can prevent lung disease and death for premature infants
    26 Nov 03 | Low doses of inhaled nitric oxide can decrease the risk of chronic lung disease and death by nearly one-fourth in premature infants who have respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), report researchers from the University of Chicago.

    Investigational drug brings new hope to kidney cancer patients
    20 Nov 03 | Preliminary results from a phase II trial of an investigational drug known as BAY 43-9006 demonstrate a significant short-term benefit for patients with advanced renal cell cancer, researchers reported at the AACR meeting in Boston.

    Novel delivery system and new target show promise for toxoplasmosis treatment
    17 Nov 03 | A multi-center research team has discovered how to deliver antimicrobial medications directly to the infectious parasites that cause diseases such as toxoplasmosis, even when the parasites lay hidden and inactive within cysts.

    Physicians and patients rarely discuss costs
    19 Aug 03 | Although patients and physicians agree that discussion of out-of-pocket costs is important, researchers from the University of Chicago have found that these discussions rarely occur. Sixty-three percent of patients felt the need for such talks.

    Name that tune: How birds learn to recognize song
    06 Aug 03 | Researchers in a University of Chicago lab are peering inside the minds of European starlings to find out how they recognize songs and in the process are providing insights into how the brain learns, recognizes and remembers complex sounds.

    University of Chicago Hospitals selects CCFC as its new ad agency and marketing partner
    28 Jul 03 | After an extensive review, the University of Chicago Hospitals has selected Coil Counts Ford & Cheney of Chicago as its advertising agency. CCFC will be responsible for all of the Hospitals' advertising, creative and production.

    National survey again names UCH as one of the best U.S. hospitals
    17 Jul 03 | For the seventh year in a row, the University of Chicago Hospitals have been selected as one of the best hospitals in the United States by U.S. News & World Report in its annual survey of America's 6,003 hospitals.

    Minimally invasive procedure helps children with GERD
    16 Jul 03 | A new minimally invasive procedure is helping children suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a cause of chronic heartburn. In the Chicago area, the procedure is being performed only at the University of Chicago Children's Hospital.

    Drug combination extends survival in mesothelioma
    14 Jul 03 | This study -- presented in part at a plenary session at last year's meeting of the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO)--is the first to show a benefit for this type of cancer.

    Researchers identify molecular signaling system that is crucial for plant fertility
    11 Jul 03 | University of Chicago researchers have found that a substance that functions as a neurotransmitter in humans also plays a crucial role in plant reproduction, guiding growth of the tube that transports sperm from a pollen grain on a flower's surface to the

    Breast cancer survivors have fewer heart attacks
    26 Jun 03 | Breast cancer survivors appear to be one-third less likely to have a heart attack than other women report researchers from the University of Chicago in the July 2003, issue of Cancer.

    International Adoption Clinic helps parents adopting foreign-born babies
    25 Jun 03 | Parents in the Chicago area who are adopting a child from another country can get expert advice from pediatric specialists at the new International Adoption Clinic at the University of Chicago Children's Hospital.

    Robotic surgery comes to prostate removal
    25 Jun 03 | Surgeons at the University of Chicago Hospitals are using a robotic system to remove cancerous prostate glands with less pain, smaller scars, minimal blood loss and rapid recovery.

    Harry Belafonte to speak at University of Chicago Hospitals cancer survivors celebration
    05 Jun 03 | World renowned human and civil rights activist, singer, actor, producer and cancer survivor Harry Belafonte will be the keynote speaker for the University of Chicago Hospitals' 14th-annual Cancer Survivors celebration on Sunday, June 8.

    Genetic alterations help predict severe side effects related to irinotecan
    01 Jun 03 | The presence of specific gene alterations can help doctors predict which colorectal cancer patients are likely to experience severe side effects from the new chemotherapy drug irinotecan, new research shows.



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