Our Mission is to demonstrate God's love to the world's children by serving, organizations and the church in any capacity which God provides us. This includes personal "field" involvement of establishing, renovating, or construction of orphan home facilities. It also includes raising the awareness of children in need through advertising and promotional efforts, encouragement, and referrals to other organizations likewise involved in helping children at risk.

Our purpose is to personally assist and to link individuals, companies and churches with organizations that assist children at risk. Our hope is that by raising awareness of the children at risk we will see more people get involved to help them. God's Kids is a Christian organization that is committed to helping all of God's Kids. We believe helping one child does make a difference.

Our service is to the Lord Jesus Christ focusing on children as the object of His love. We serve Jesus by serving children and those of a like mind as they also seek to help God's Kids. Together, working in cooperation with others, it is our prayer that many children can be helped physically, emotionally and spiritually to grow into useful productive members of society who will in turn help those who follow them.

For more information, or to contact GodsKids.org, see their website at: GodsKids.org



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