Operation Carelift

Operation Carelift is an ongoing outreach to the people of former Soviet Union. Founded by Josh McDowell in 1991, theprimary focus of Operation Carelift is to share the truth of God's love with people who so desperately need to hear. At the same time, we want to put God's love in action by providing critical humanitarian aid. For two weeks each winter and again during the summer, Carelift volunteers travel to Russia and the surrounding republics to help deliver humanitarian aid to children in the places of greatest need - places such as orphanages, boarding schools, hospitals, invalid societies, and even youth prisons. The aid opens the doors for ministry, allowing the volunteers to give lasting hope to the children and their caregivers by meeting them face-to-face and sharing the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Another objective of Operation Carelift is to strengthen and encourage local churches in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Wherever we can, we partner with local pastors, missionaries, and Christian workers as we minister in their communities. This has several benefits. First, it gives these Christian leaders additional inroads for ministry by introducing them to directors at various sites. We lend credibility to their ministries as we tell directors that we have come with this aid and these gifts because of the work of the local pastor or missionary. And it also helps ensure that, even after Carelift is over, that through the local church there will be an ongoing Christian witness and follow-up for the children and adults we have met.

For more information, or to contact Operation Carelift, see their website at: www.operationcarelift.org



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