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House Leaders Unveil Bipartisan Plan Calling For Additional Development Aid To Fight Hunger In Africa
05 Apr 01 | The resolution -- the genesis being Bread for the World's research and focus of grassroots advocacy this year -- calls upon the United States government, along with its international allies, to commit to a global plan to cut world hunger in half ...

New Report Says World Hunger Can Be Cut In Half By 2015, U.S. Foreign Aid Catalyst
21 Mar 01 | That is the conclusion of Foreign Aid to End Hunger, a report issued today by Bread for the World Institute. Foreign Aid to End Hunger is Bread for the World Institute's 11th annual report on the state of world and U.S. hunger.

Bread for the World Leaders Tapped For Award in Public Interest Leadership
02 Mar 01 | WASHINGTON -- Bread for the World President Rev. Art Simon received the Center for Public Justice's (CPJ) 2001 Leadership Award at a reception Thursday night in the Rayburn House Office Building.

Reaction to White House Outline of Foreign Affairs Budget
28 Feb 01 | "The President's request for a modest boost in the foreign affairs budget is an encouraging first step. "For foreign aid that helps reduce world hunger, the evidence is clear, the need urgent, and the cost reasonable.

Reaction to White House Announcement of Andrew Natsios as Administrator of USAID
21 Feb 01 | Most importantly, he is deeply and personally committed to reducing hunger and poverty in Africa and around the world. Bread for the World is urging the Bush administration to increase funding for effective, poverty-focused assistance to Africa."

Bread for the World Names New Vice President of Finance and Administration
14 Feb 01 | WASHINGTON - Bernadette Watson has been named Vice President of Finance and Administration at Bread for the World, the nation's largest grassroots lobbying organization on domestic and international hunger issues. Bread for the World President ...

Major New Poll Shows Americans Strongly Support Foreign Aid To Reduce World Hunger
02 Feb 01 | WASHINGTON (Feb. 2) -- Citing a new poll showing that Americans want their government to lead the way in reducing world hunger, Bread for the World president David Beckmann today called on Congress and the Bush administration to take up that ...

Reaction To Senator Helms' Speech, The Foreign Policy Agenda 2001, Delivered To The American Enterprise Institute
11 Jan 01 | Bread for the World and hundreds of other organizations are going to ask Congress to support an initiative to cut hunger in half in Africa within the next 15 years, and we look forward to working with Senator Helms." Bread for the World's lead ...

Anti-Hunger Group Calls Congressional Halt of Minimum Wage Increase Appalling
07 Dec 00 | WASHINGTON-Congressional leaders have decided to kill a proposed $1-an-hour increase in the minimum wage, despite a year-long campaign by grassroots, faith-based and labor organizations. Raising the $5.15-an-hour minimum wage has been a key ...

BFW President delivers keynote address at anti-poverty conference
05 Dec 00 | Trenton, New Jersey -- Speaking before the Anti-Poverty Network conference in Trenton, New Jersey today, Bread for the World President, Rev. David Beckmann, urged the U.S. Congress to restore food stamps to legal immigrants.

Remarks at the White House Event
06 Nov 00 | People of faith insisted that their members of Congress approve debt relief for the world's poorest countries. In the end, Bread for the World members generated more than a quarter million letters to Congress in support of debt relief.

Churches Recommit to Ending Hunger
25 Oct 00 | In celebration of Bread for the World Sunday on Oct. 29, half a million U.S. Christians will rededicate their efforts to end hunger by calling on elected officials to make cutting hunger a priority. "Despite persistent hunger in the United States...

Jubilee Proclaimed on Capitol Hill
25 Oct 00 | Today, Congress has taken an historic step toward ending hunger in our world by agreeing to fully fund the U.S. portion of the international debt relief initiative put forth by the G-7 countries. At Bread for the World, we believe debt relief is ...

Two Cheers on World Food Day
16 Oct 00 | This year on World Food Day, there is some good news about hunger. The Food and Agriculture Organization reports that in recent years the number of undernourished people in the world has declined by about 8 million each year.

House passes hunger legislation
11 Oct 00 | WASHINGTON - The House of Representatives today took a step toward cutting hunger in the United States by passing two provisions of the Hunger Relief Act, a bill to strengthen the Food Stamp Program. "Congress and the president must restore food ...

Don't Use Debt Relief for the Poorest Countries As a Bargaining Chip
02 Oct 00 | Senator Gramm is wrong to now use debt relief for the world's poorest countries as a bargaining chip to get his way on other matters. Millions of people and churches around the world are praying for and urging debt relief in this Jubilee Year ...

Congress must fund the international debt initiative before adjournment
21 Sep 00 | Bread for the World members have generated more than 150,000 letters to their members of Congress in support of debt relief. Debt relief is hunger relief.

Debt Relief is Hunger Relief
14 Sep 00 | Bread for the World members have since generated more than 150,000 letters to their members of Congress in support of debt relief. Debt relief is hunger relief.

As Presidential Candidates Square Off, Children Go Hungry
14 Aug 00 | But hunger still threatens more than 12 million U.S. children. According to recently released government data, 17 percent of all U.S. children live in households that experience hunger or are threatened by hunger.

U.S. Children Still Threatened by Hunger
18 Jul 00 | According to U.S. government data, 16.9 percent of all children lived in households that experience hunger or are threatened by hunger in 1999, compared to 17.3 percent in 1998. The Food Stamp Program currently "caps" a family's housing expenses ...

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