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Duke Study Indicates that Brain Wiring is Largely Inborn
16 Nov 00 | Neurobiologists at Duke University Medical Center mapping the developing visual systems of newborn ferrets have discovered evidence challenging the long-held view that the brain's circuitry is largely wired by experience.

Monkeys Control Robot Arm Via Brain Signals
15 Nov 00 | Duke University Medical Center researchers and their colleagues have tested a neural system on monkeys that enabled the animals to use their brain signals, as detected by implanted electrodes, to control a robot arm to reach for a piece of food.

Potential Benefits Outweigh Small Time Delay in Enrolling Patients With Chest Pain in Clinical Trial
15 Nov 00 | Enrolling patients with chest pain in a cardiology clinical trial takes time, but not enough to offset the benefits of clinical research, researchers at Duke University Medical Center say.

Duke Researchers Trying to Extinguish Teen Smoking
15 Nov 00 | It is hard to reduce cigarette smoking rates when a new smoker is born for each smoker who quits or passes away, but researchers at Duke University Medical Center are doing their best to snuff the trend.

African-Americans are at a Higher Risk of Dying from Heart Failure than Whites
14 Nov 00 | African-Americans appear 30 percent more likely to die from a precursor to complete heart failure than their white counterparts, Duke University Medical Center researchers reported Tuesday.

Patients, Families, Physicians and Other Care Providers Express Agreement and Diversity on What Constitutes a 'Good Death'
14 Nov 00 | Managing pain and symptoms, communication with a physician, preparation for death, and the opportunity to achieve a sense of completion are all considered important to patients, their families, physicians, and caregivers.

Duke-UNC Integrative Medicine Conference to Focus on Complementary Medicine in Cancer
14 Nov 00 | Many patients use them, but just where do complementary and alternative medicines fit into care for people with cancer? A conference hopes to help answer that question for doctors, health care workers, patients and their families.

Heart Boost Can Improve Outcome for Sickest Heart Attack Patients
14 Nov 00 | Based on the results of a small clinical trial, Duke University Medical Center researchers have found that artificially intensifying the heart's pumping action can improve the outcome of heart attack patients who have gone into shock.

Duke to Launch New Institute for Genomic Sciences and Policy
14 Nov 00 | How parents will cope with genetic testing of their newborn children, and how scientists will meet the research challenges of the genomic revolution, will be among the topics discussed during the Nov. 20 launch of Duke's new $200 million institute.

Caution Needed When Assessing Impact of Dosing Errors in Clinical Trials
14 Nov 00 | When addressing the issues of cause and effect in clinical research, particularly when dosing errors are involved, care must be taken to ensure that potential confounding issues also are considered, according to Duke University researchers.

Anonymous $1 Million Gift Directed to Duke Arthritis Center
13 Nov 00 | An alumnus of the Duke University School of Medicine has established a $1 million life income gift to support research at the Duke Arthritis Center.

African Americans and Women Much Less Likely to Get Defibrillators
13 Nov 00 | African Americans and women with life-threatening heart rhythm abnormalities are significantly less likely to receive implantable defibrillator devices designed to convert lethal rhythms to normal heart rhythm, according to a new analysis.

Duke Study Finds Key Heart Drug Underutilized
13 Nov 00 | It's the old good news-bad news scenario, the use of a highly effective heart disease medication has increased over the past decade, but it is still being woefully underutilized by cardiologists, according to a Duke Clinical Research Institute study.

Supportive Care and Quality of Life Take Center Stage for Lung Cancer Patients
09 Nov 00 | While increased survival is the most important goal of lung cancer treatment, researchers at Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center also are focusing on ways to measure and improve quality of life for patients with the disease.

Speech Production, Comprehension Subject of Duke Brain Lecture
09 Nov 00 | How humans generate and comprehend speech will be the subject of a free, public lecture on Thursday, Nov. 16 at 5:15 p.m. in the Love Auditorium of the Levine Science Research Center on Duke University's West Campus.

Duke Medical Center Lung Transplant Program
07 Nov 00 | The Duke medical center performed more lung transplants last year than any other hospital in the nation, according to data collected by the United Network for Organ Sharing, the national organization responsible for overseeing organ distribution.

Duke University Hospital Receives Consumer Choice Award
31 Oct 00 | Duke University Hospital has been rated by consumers as No. 1 in the Research Triangle and one of the highest quality hospitals in the nation, according to the National Research Corp.

Experimental Brain Pacemaker Alleviates Seizures in Rats
26 Oct 00 | Duke University Medical Center researchers have discovered a promising new way to alleviate epileptic seizures by stimulating a facial nerve that extends into the brain, disrupting the cycle of seizure activity.

Duke, UNC to Launch Six-State Study of HIV Patients
26 Oct 00 | Researchers from Duke University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill hope to better understand the connection between life stress and the pursuit of health care through a $2.9 million study of HIV patients in six Southern states.

Drug Shows Early Promise in Protecting Lungs from Radiation Damage
23 Oct 00 | Results from a study using rats demonstrate that a currently used drug could also be used to protect lung tissue from damage from radiation therapy aimed at tumors in or near the lungs, Duke University researchers report.

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