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For Patients With AIDS, the Number of Pills may be Just as Important as the Type of Medication
01 Feb 00 | Based on an analysis of more than 3,000 patients involved in triple-drug combination trials to treat HIV infection, ter researchers say that patients who take fewer pills tend to do better than patients who have more complex medication regimens.

Aspirin Once Again Proven to be Effective Prevention Against Heart Attacks
28 Jan 00 | In the first head-to-head comparison against one of the newest oral heart drugs, aspirin has been shown to be just as effective in preventing heart attacks and had fewer bleeding side effects.

Duke Geneticists Unraveling the Tangled Web of Autism
27 Jan 00 | Less than three years after beginning a search for genes that confer a risk of developing autism, Duke geneticist Margaret Pericak-Vance and her colleagues have found evidence of two defects that may be linked to autistic spectrum disorder.

Federal Oversight of Clinical Trials Needs to be Simplified to Increase Effectiveness
27 Jan 00 | The top two officials at the Duke University Medical Center say clinical research has the ability to transform medicine and reduce medical errors, but must focus on developing the best ways to assure the protection of human subjects.

Duke Joins YMCA Blood Pressure Screenings
19 Jan 00 | Dr. Ralph Snyderman, president of Duke University Health System and chancellor of health affairs at Duke, and Dr. Jean Spaulding, vice chancellor for health affairs, will assist in blood pressure screenings at the YMCA of Durham Thursday, Jan. 20.

Study Reveals Microscopic Interaction of Cancer Cells and Blood Vessels in Tumor Formation
18 Jan 00 | Researchers from Duke University Medical Center and Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center have documented for the first time the earliest steps of the organization of cancer cells into tumors in mice and rats.

Even a Slight Elevation of Cardiac Enzyme Predicts Mortality in Heart Patients
18 Jan 00 | New findings from an international clinical trial led by Duke University Medical Center show a low-cost diagnostic test routinely taken on patients with a suspected heart attack is a more sensitive marker of heart damage than many physicians realize.

Special Address on How to Reduce Medical Errors
14 Jan 00 | The issue of how to reduce medical errors - which a recent federal report said could qualify as the 8th leading cause of death in the United States - will be the topic of a special address Thursday, Jan. 20, by Dr. John Eisenberg.

Duke University Creates National Institute on Care at the End of Life
12 Jan 00 | Duke University has received a founding gift of $13.5 million arranged by hospice pioneer Hugh A. Westbrook to establish the Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life to improve research, education and practice across the nation for those near death.

NIH Awards UNC-CH, Duke $21 Million to Boost Care for AIDS Patients, Research
12 Jan 00 | AIDS specialists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke medical schools will receive $21 million from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases over the next five years to continue their battle against AIDS.

Growing Blood Vessels Around Clots in Leg Arteries may Treat Painful Walking
10 Jan 00 | Like hearts, legs can also suffer from "attacks" when too little blood flows through clogged and narrowed arteries. And like angina in a heart, this lack of oxygen-rich blood to muscles that need it produces pain.

Duke Physician Receives $315,000 Grant from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
07 Jan 00 | Dr. Alvin F. Wells, a senior rheumatology fellow at Duke University Medical Center, has been awarded a $315,000 grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to study the mechanisms of autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Mind-Brain Lecture to Discuss Executive Control
06 Jan 00 | How the brain regulates its own function and controls attention will be the topic of the latest lecture on Friday, Feb. 4, in the Mind, Brain and Behavior Distinguished Lecture Series at Duke University.

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