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Duke Nurse Tapped as Health Policy Fellow
10 Jun 04 | Nancy Short, assistant professor and assistant dean of the Duke School of Nursing, has been named one of seven Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Health Policy Fellows for 2004-2005.

Elderly, Diabetics, Women at Risk for Post-Surgery Infection
10 Jun 04 | A Duke University Medical Center study of patients who undergo cardiothoracic surgery found the elderly, people with diabetes and women were more likely to develop a serious, potentially fatal chest infection caused by drug-resistant bacteria.

Common Worm Provides Insights Into Salmonella Virulence
07 Jun 04 | Using a common worm as a model, researchers from Duke University Medical Center have identified specific genes within Salmonella that give the bacteria its ability to infect host cells.

Duke School of Medicine Changes Curriculum to Meet Future Health-Care Challenges
07 Jun 04 | In the coming year, Duke University School of Medicine will institute significant curriculum changes to better prepare its graduates to cope with the rapid advance of medical science and to address such major issues as emerging diseases.

New Breast Cancer Drug Shrinks Tumors or Slows Growth in Up to Half of Women
06 Jun 04 | A new and experimental breast cancer drug called lapatinib inhibited tumor growth in nearly half of women who took it for eight weeks in a national Phase I clinical trial, according to results of a new study.

Depression, Insulin Regimen Linked to Poor Diabetes Control
05 Jun 04 | In the largest study of diabetes and depression conducted to date, researchers at Duke have found a clear link between the complexity of the self-care regimens in patients with diabetes and the effect of depression on diabetes control.

Duke Cancer Survivors to Share Their Stories and Successes
04 Jun 04 | Trent Satterwhite has endured two stem cell transplants and a triple bypass heart surgery, yet still competes against people half his age -- and wins.

Vitamin C Worsens Knee Osteoarthritis in Animal Study
03 Jun 04 | High doses of vitamin C increase the severity of spontaneous knee osteoarthritis in an animal model of the disease, according to a new study by Duke University Medical Center researchers.

Protein Engineered to Detect Nerve Gas
03 Jun 04 | Duke University Medical Center biochemists have used computational design to engineer and construct a protein that could sense the nerve agent soman.

Former Smokers Can Regain Health and Improve Quality of Life
03 Jun 04 | A new analysis of data on smoking and health finds that smokers who quit before the age of 35 have a reasonable chance to regain their health over time and to live as long and as well as people who have never smoked.

Cox-2 Inhibitors Reduce Complications After Laparoscopic Surgery
02 Jun 04 | Patients given a class of anti-inflammatory drugs before and after minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery experienced less pain with fewer postoperative complications and an earlier return to normal activities, according to Duke researchers.

Cells From Fat Tissue Turned Into Functional Nerve Cells
01 Jun 04 | Two years after transforming human fat cells into what appeared to be nerve cells, a group led by Duke University Medical Center researchers has gone one step further by demonstrating that these new cells also appear to act like nerve cells.

New Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndrome Identified
31 May 04 | An international team led by researchers from Duke University Medical Center and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute have defined a previously undescribed inherited cardiac arrhythmia syndrome that can lead to sudden death.

Benefits of Screening for Lung Cancer With CT Are Not Proven
28 May 04 | The medical literature does not support the widely held belief that an advanced screening technique called "CT" (computed tomography) can save lives simply because it detects lung cancers at a smaller size than other screening techniques.

African-Americans Respond Poorly to Hepatitis C Treatment
26 May 04 | African-Americans have a significantly lower response rate to treatment for chronic hepatitis C than non-Hispanic whites, according to a new study led by Duke University Medical Center researchers.

Duke's Medical School Fifth in the Nation for NIH Awards
26 May 04 | Duke University School of Medicine finished in fifth place among the nation's top National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded medical schools in fiscal year 2003, according to the federal agency's latest figures.

Younger Girls Show Warning Signs for Eating Disorders
25 May 04 | Disordered eating behavior, including such conditions as anorexia nervosa and bulimia, affects as many as one in every 10 adolescents. The vast majority of those diagnosed with these psychological disorders are teen-age girls and young women.

Gene at Root of Urban Air Pollution's Lung Effects
25 May 04 | Duke University Medical Center pulmonologists have linked a gene to the lung irritation commonly suffered following chronic exposure to ozone, a major component of urban air pollution.

Genome Sciences Research Building Named in Snyderman's Honor
25 May 04 | Duke University has named a major genome sciences research building in honor of Ralph Snyderman, M.D. Peter M. Nicholas, chairman of the university board of trustees, announced the naming at a dinner May 6 honoring Snyderman.

Insight Into Transplant Rejection Might Lead to Novel Prevention Therapies
24 May 04 | A newly discovered means by which the body attacks transplanted organs might lead to novel methods of preventing the rejection response, research by Duke University Medical Center pulmonologists and transplant surgeons suggests.

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