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Behavioral Therapy Effective in Treatment of Insomnia
11 Apr 01 | New clinical data show that changing a person's attitudes about sleep and teaching new habits is a promising treatment for insomnia and may be an alternative to medication for the treatment of persistent primary insomnia, a sleep disorder.

Success of Bedside Markers Highlights Importance of Chest Pain Units in Identifying at-Risk Heart Disease Patients
09 Apr 01 | Each year, more than 5 million Americans rush to emergency rooms with chest pain. While only 10% to 15% are actually having a heart attack, as many as 4 percent of those considered low-risk and sent home will actually be suffering a heart attack.

Amphetamines, Coupled with Physical Therapy, May Improve Functional Abilities of Stroke Patients
27 Mar 01 | While much attention has focused on preventing stroke and much research has focused on limiting damage immediately after stroke, a Duke neurologist believes that not enough effort has been spent on improving recovery after stroke.

Duke Receives U.S. Patent on Heat-Triggered Drug Carriers
26 Mar 01 | Duke University has received a United States patent for a special formulation of drug-carrying microscopic fatty liposome spheres invented by Duke engineering professor David Needham.

Brain Tumor Center Doctors Receive RAID Support
23 Mar 01 | Drs. Darell Bigner, John Sampson and Allan Friedman of the Brain Tumor Center at Duke University Medical Center have received support from the National Cancer Institute's Rapid Access to Intervention Development.

Isolated Heart Patients Have Twice the Risk of Dying, Present Challenges to Health Care Workers
22 Mar 01 | It has been known for some time that social isolation increases the risks of heart patients suffering further from their disease or even dying, but until now researchers didn't have a clear idea of which patient characteristics are responsible.

Genetic Variant May Increase Risk of Stress-Induced Cardiovascular Damage
22 Mar 01 | Duke University Medical Center researchers have discovered that people who have a common variant of a specific gene are at a much greater risk of suffering adverse cardiovascular responses to mental stress.

$2 Million Deutsch Foundation Gift Supports Duke Pediatric Brain Tumor Research
22 Mar 01 | The Rory David Deutsch Foundation of Highland Park, Ill., has committed $2 million to the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center to establish an endowment for pediatric brain tumor research at Duke, President Nannerl O. Keohane announced Thursday.

Diabetes Doubles Heart Disease Death Risk; Diabetes Control Approach May Effect Outcomes
21 Mar 01 | After analysis of data collected from two large multi-center clinical trials, Duke researchers have found that patients with diabetes have an almost twofold increase in dying or suffering severe outcomes from heart disease compared to non-diabetics.

Obese Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization Have Worse Survival Partly Due to Less Aggressive Treatment
21 Mar 01 | Despite being younger and having less severe coronary artery disease, morbidly obese patients undergoing cardiac catheterization have worse adjusted survival rates than patients who are not obese, according to Duke researchers.

Duke Study Shows Trained and Supervised Physician Assistants Can Successfully Perform Cardiac Catheterizations
21 Mar 01 | A study by Duke University Medical Center researchers has shown that physician assistants, with proper training and supervision of an experienced cardiologist, can successfully perform cardiac catheterizations.

First Nitric Oxide Regulating Enzyme Found that is Conserved from Bacteria to Humans
21 Mar 01 | The first known mammalian enzyme that regulates cellular levels of nitric oxide, a molecule as important to life as oxygen, has been found in organisms from bacteria to humans, Duke University researchers reported Wednesday.

Enzyme Therapy Provides Hope of First Effective Treatment for Pompe Disease
20 Mar 01 | An enzyme therapy developed by Duke University researchers has been shown to improve heart and muscular functions and therefore prolong and enhance quality of life in infants born with Pompe disease, a rare, inherited muscular disorder.

Two Duke Studies Find Doctors Still not Using Drugs Shown to be Beneficial in Clinical Trials
20 Mar 01 | Two different studies have shown that while multi-center clinical trials involving thousands of patients have clearly demonstrated that certain drugs can improve the outcomes for heart patients and save lives, the message isn't being uniformly heard.

Duke Researchers Reverse Damage of Heart Failure with Gene Therapy
06 Mar 01 | After previously demonstrating that they could use gene therapy to prevent heart damage in rabbits with congestive heart failure, researchers have now gone one step further to use gene therapy to actually reverse the damage already done.

JAMA Article Calls for Overhaul of Clinical Trials to Improve Patient Safety
06 Mar 01 | The current system for protecting people participating in clinical drug trials is outdated and needs to be overhauled, according to an article in Wednesday's issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Colon Cancer Awareness Month
05 Mar 01 | Cancers of the colon and rectum are the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S., but it doesn't have to be that way, say physicians at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center. March has been designated National Colon Cancer Awareness Month.

Study Clarifies Progestins' Effects of Ovarian Cells; Supports Use to Reduce Risk of Ovarian Cancer
04 Mar 01 | Medical prevention of ovarian cancer may be possible for all women in the future, according to researchers. They report finding a second biologic pathway in monkeys that helps explain birth control pills' protective effect against ovarian cancer.

Researchers Turn Fat Cells Into Cartilage
28 Feb 01 | Researchers from Duke University Medical Center report taking what they believe is the first important step toward creating functional cartilage from a virtually limitless source -- human fat.

National Surgical Oncology Group Comes to Duke
23 Feb 01 | The American College of Surgeons has decided to move its Oncology Group, which oversees the largest number of clinical trials investigating surgical approaches to treating cancer, from Chicago to the Duke University Medical Center.

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