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Beta-Blockers Underused in Older Patients After Heart Attacks
18 Aug 98 | Beta-blockers are not prescribed for many older patients who could benefit from their use after heart attacks, according to an article in the Aug. 19 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

One-quarter of Patients with Severe Congestive Heart Failure Do Not Want To Be Resuscitated, Yale Study Finds
17 Aug 98 | Although resuscitation is often used with patients suffering from severe congestive heart failure, nearly one in four of those patients who were hospitalized said they did not wish to be resuscitated if their hearts stopped beating.

Yale Scientists Study Death of Neurons Using "Knockout" Mice, Develop New Strategy for Treating Stroke, Alzheimer's Disease
06 Aug 98 | Using "knockout" mice researchers at the Yale School of Medicine and Vertex Pharmaceuticals have discovered that an enzyme called Caspase-9 plays a key role in the genetically programmed death of neurons.

Cocaine Found in Sick Infants During Hospital Emergency Exams, Suggesting Health Risks from Passive Exposure to Crack Smoke
09 Jul 98 | More than one-third of the sickest infants examined recently in an urban hospital emergency department tested positive for cocaine exposure, according to a Yale School of Medicine study.

Yale Researchers Improve Health and Quality of Life For Teenagers With Diabetes
23 Jun 98 | A team of Yale researchers has found that teaching coping skills to adolescents with diabetes significantly improves their metabolic control over the disease as well as their overall quality of life.

Better Medications for Treating Breast Cancer Could Come from Estrogen Receptor Studies at Yale
09 Jun 98 | Yale University researchers have visualized in atomic detail how two important female sex hormones, progesterone and estrogen, bind to their receptors -- an accomplishment that could help scientists design better medications to treat breast cancer.

Yale Nursing Researcher Explores Alternative Therapies For Menopausal Discomfort
03 Jun 98 | Many menopausal women fear the ill effects of prescription estrogen. Physicians routinely prescribe the hormone for their patients, but fewer than half fill the prescriptions, says Yale researcher Susan Cohen.

Drug that Prevents Breast Cancer Highlights Importance of Genetic Testing
23 Apr 98 | The recent announcement that the drug tamoxifen may prevent breast cancer draws into sharper focus the social and ethical concerns surrounding genetic testing to screen for breast cancer risk, according to a Yale University researcher.

Study Finds that Managed Care Organizations Underuse Nurse Practitioners
25 Feb 98 | A study released by researchers at Yale and Pace universities on the way managed care organizations MCOs employ nurse practitioners reveals a surprising inconsistency.

Yale Breakthrough in Destroying Drug-Resistant Bacteria Focuses on Thwarting Genes that Cause Resistance
04 Aug 97 | Yale University biologists for the first time have succeeded in preventing the expression of genes that make bacteria resistant to two widely used antibiotics thus restoring the bacteria's sensitivity to the antibiotics in laboratory cultures.

Protein Identified that is Target of Promising New Cancer Drug, Paving Way for Even Better Drugs Designed to Starve Tumors
10 Jun 97 | Yale University biologist Craig M. Crews has discovered how a promising cancer medication, now in clinical trials, starves tumors by cutting off their blood supply.

Yale Grants Exclusive License to ArQule Inc. for Chemical Method Of Creating Drugs that Could Help Fight AIDS, Emphysema
26 Jun 96 | The Yale Office of Cooperative Research and ArQule Inc. announced today that Yale University has granted the company an exclusive license for the development of patent-pending discoveries made by Harry Wasserman.

Yale Nursing School Celebrates New Home
06 Jun 96 | The Yale School of Nursing will dedicate its new facility at 100 Church Street on Friday, June 7, 9-11 a.m.

Nobody's Watching
23 Apr 96 | Aiming to cut costs in health care, more and more hospitals are eliminating the position of "monitor watcher" in cardiac telemetry units. A monitor watcher is an RN specially trained to keep track of patients by observing the video displays.

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