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National Guidelines for Ideal Weight may be too Restrictive for the Elderly, Yale Researchers Find
14 May 01 | Little evidence exists to support the idea that older people who are moderately overweight have a higher risk of illness or death, Yale researchers report in a study published in today's issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Yale Physician's New Book Teaches Doctors the "Business" of Medicine
14 May 01 | A 21st century physician must develop expertise in a variety of business and management skills in order to deliver quality medical care to patients and operate a successful practice, Stephen Rimar, M.D. asserts in his new book.

Racial Disparities Exist in Diagnostic Procedure for Heart Attack Patients, Regardless of Doctor's Race, Yale Researchers Report
10 May 01 | Yale researchers have demonstrated a marked racial difference in the rate of cardiac catheterization, a diagnostic procedure used to assess heart function after a myocardial infarction or heart attack.

Yale Researchers Create Topical Estrogen That Alleviates Sexual Dysfunction in Menopausal Women and Eliminates Side Effects of Conventional Estrogen
09 May 01 | To alleviate vaginal dyspareunia or dryness, a painful symptom of menopause that causes sexual dysfunction, Yale researchers have created a topical estrogen that eliminates side effects of conventional estrogen.

Smoking Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes or Using Snuff or Chewing Tobacco Does Not Cause Brain Cancer, Yale Study Shows
09 May 01 | Although cigarette smoking and use of other tobacco products are considered to be the greatest single source of human exposure to certain carcinogens, they do not appear to cause brain cancer, a Yale investigation has found.

Researchers Discover Adult Stem Cell That Can Transform Itself Into Nearly Any Organ in the Body
03 May 01 | Adult stem cells that can create new liver, lung, gastrointestinal and skin cells, and possibly any other organ in the body, have been discovered in bone marrow, according to a newly-published study by a Yale researcher and collaborators.

Study Raises Questions About Relationship Between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Events Detected by Home Monitors
02 May 01 | The use of home monitors to detect prolonged cessation of breathing or a slower than normal heart rate in infants are not an effective means of preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), a study by a Yale researcher has found.

Impact of Depression in the Workplace Examined in New Study by Yale Researchers
01 May 01 | Depression has a far larger impact on 'presenteeism' or reduced productivity while at work, than on absenteeism, Yale School of Medicine researchers report in a new study published in the May issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry.

Yale Will Enroll Patients in Smoking Cessation Study Combining Nicotine Patch and Naltrexone
01 May 01 | Cigarette smokers interested in quitting are invited to join a six-week, research treatment study at Yale School of Medicine that combines the nicotine patch and naltrexone, a medication used to help fight addictions.

Ticks Now Found to Carry a New Infectious Agent Related to the Lyme Disease Bacteria
26 Apr 01 | The pin dot-sized deer ticks responsible for more than 100,000 cases of Lyme disease nationwide are now found to carry yet another new and infectious organism, a Yale researcher has found.

Why Mothers in Underserved Populations Stop Breastfeeding
25 Apr 01 | Most women in underserved populations do not continue breastfeeding after four months because they lack the confidence they will do so, and they think their infants prefer formula, a study by Yale researchers shows.

Blood Flow to the Brain Indicates When Recovering Cocaine Addicts Are Able to Benefit from Talk Therapy
24 Apr 01 | Measuring blood flow to the brain may be a useful way to determine when a recovering cocaine addict is able to benefit from cognitive behavior therapy as a treatment for cocaine addiction, a Yale researcher has found.

Women Will Switch From Gynecologists Who do Not Recommend UFE, a Less Invasive Treatment For Fibroids, Yale Researchers Find
29 Mar 01 | In a two-part study, researchers at Yale have found that 89 percent of women are willing to switch from gynecologists who do not support their decision to have fibroids treated using Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE).

New Vaccine for Chickenpox Shown to Be Highly Effective in Study by Yale Researchers
28 Mar 01 | The vaccine for chickenpox, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1995, is highly effective in preventing chickenpox or minimizing the severity of the disease in children, according to a study by researchers at Yale.

Chronic Depression Hastens Disease Progression and Mortality Among Women with HIV
21 Mar 01 | Women who are HIV-positive and depressed are twice as likely to die as women who are HIV-positive but experiencing limited or no depressive symptoms, a study by a Yale researcher shows.

Men with Chronic Schizophrenia Lose Brain Volume Faster
20 Mar 01 | Men with chronic schizophrenia lose brain volume at a faster rate than the normal aging changes seen in men without the mental illness, a study by a researcher at Yale shows.

Eating High Fat Meal Causes Arteries to Behave Abnormally But the Effects are Contradicted by Ingesting Oatmeal or Vitamin E
19 Mar 01 | A milk shake made with ice cream, cream of coconut, and eggs is fatty enough to cause arteries to constrict when they should dilate, an influence that could increase risk of a heart attack in susceptible individuals, a study shows.

Enzyme Involved in Cocaine Addiction Identified by Scientists at Yale and Rockefeller Universities
15 Mar 01 | Researchers at Yale and Rockefeller Universities have found that an enzyme called Cdk5 regulates the action of dopamine, a chemical messenger associated with cocaine's "rush" and with addiction to cocaine and other drugs.

Protein Regulation Study at Yale Confirms Suspicions on How Hereditary Blindness Occurs
09 Mar 01 | A Yale research team, in collaboration with scientists at the Baylor College of Medicine, have studied signal transduction-the communication system developed by cells-to further understand how hereditary blindness occurs.

Study of Schizophrenia Patients Who Hear "Voices" to Continue at Yale
09 Mar 01 | Research at Yale looking at the causes and treatment of auditory hallucinations or "voices" will continue with over $600,000 in combined funding.

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