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Women Under Age 60 Have Higher Mortality Rates than Men In the Two Years Following a Heart Attack
02 Mar 01 | Women under the age of 60 have a higher risk of dying than men under 60 in the two years after they suffer a heart attack, a study by a Yale researcher and collaborators shows.

Cocaine Use Decreases Ability to Respond to Stimulation, Yale Researchers Find
23 Feb 01 | Using an innovative method called transcranial magnetic stimulation to measure brain responsiveness, Yale researchers have found that a cocaine addict's response to stimulation is decreased, indicating possible evidence of permanent brain damage.

Cutting Inpatient Psychiatric Care Does Not Reduce Overall Success Rate for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Patients
14 Feb 01 | When VA hospitals cut inpatient psychiatric care, there is no overall reduction in effective care and clinical outcomes for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) patients, Yale researchers report in the February issue of 15 Medical Care.

Race has No Effect on Quality of Services or Clinical Outcomes for Mentally Ill Homeless Patients, Yale Researcher Reports
12 Feb 01 | A homeless psychiatric patient's race and the race of his or her case managers has no effect on the quality of mental health services the patients receive, or on their clinical outcomes, Yale researcher Robert Rosenheck, M.D. reports.

Yale Researchers Find All of the Gene Targets for a Protein
26 Jan 01 | Using new DNA chip technology, Yale researchers have identified virtually all of the gene targets of some key proteins, known as transcription factors.

Breast Cancer Risk Reduced by 50 Percent By Breastfeeding for Two or More Years
25 Jan 01 | Breastfeeding for two or more years reduces a woman's risk of developing breast cancer by 50 percent, according to a study conducted by a Yale researcher among women in China.

Sports Injury Rates Rising Among Baby Boomers, Yale Physician Reports
25 Jan 01 | While many baby boomers-people between the ages of 37 and 55-are exercising more, many end up in hospital emergency rooms suffering from sports related injuries, according to Yale orthopaedic surgeon, Robert A. Stanton, M.D.

Yale Researcher Finds New Clue to What Blocks Nerve Fibers from Regrowing Following Spinal Cord Injury or Disease
18 Jan 01 | Researchers are one step closer to reversing brain and spinal cord injuries with the discovery of another molecule in a pathway that prevents axon regeneration, a Yale researcher says.

Common Swallowing Disorder Corrected with Surgical Procedure at Yale
17 Jan 01 | A minimally invasive endoscopic surgical procedure is being used at Yale to correct an often troublesome swallowing disorder called Zenker's diverticulum, which affects thousands of Americans.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treated with Innovative Somnoplasty Technique at Yale
11 Jan 01 | To treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, Yale physicians are using a radiofrequency technology called somnoplasty to shrink extra tissues in the nose and throat, and oral appliances to move the lower jaw forward during sleep.

Yale To Help U.S. Department of Defense Improve Health Care Quality
10 Jan 01 | Yale researchers have received a $1.2 million contract to assist the U.S. Department of Defense in evaluating and assessing information technology that the government is developing to improve quality in medical care.

Salmonella in Combination with Radiation Effective Against Cancer Tumors, Study by Yale Researchers Finds
10 Jan 01 | A study of melanoma tumors by Yale researchers shows that Salmonella injections in combination with radiation therapy could provide a promising new cancer therapy.

Yale Study Clarifies When Bleeding in Newborns' Eyes is Due to Hemorrhaging at Birth or Possible Child Abuse
04 Jan 01 | A new Yale study may help to clarify whether hemorrhaging in a baby's eyes is due to child abuse or simply a lingering effect of birth.

Interpretations of Brain Activity Based on Cognitive Theories Fail to Recognize Background Neuronal Firing
02 Jan 01 | When the brain is stimulated, functional imaging results are misinterpreted by neglecting the resting brain neurotransmitter activity, a study by a Yale researcher concludes.

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms may be Caused by Abnormal Neuronal Activity, Yale Researchers Find
19 Dec 00 | For the first time, a team of Yale researchers has identified a previously unrecognized molecular change in the neurons of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, which may contribute to some of the debilitating symptoms that characterize the disease.

Many Terminally ill Patients Not Referred for Hospice Services, Despite Meeting Eligibility Requirements
19 Dec 00 | About 45 percent of terminally ill patients are not receiving hospice services, even though many are eligible for the care, Yale researchers report in the December 22 issue of Journal of Palliative Care.

Long Distance Medical Tracking of Mt. Everest Climbers Could Be Used by Doctors in Monitoring Patients
18 Dec 00 | The same technology used to monitor the vital signs of climbers ascending Mt. Everest also could be utilized by physicians to keep watch over patients when the patients are home, according to a study by a Yale researcher and collaborators.

Sustained Use of Anti-Depressants Increases Cell Growth And Protects Cells in the Brain
15 Dec 00 | Continued use of anti-depressants leads to new cell growth in an area of the brain known to suffer cell death and atrophy as a result of depression and stress, a study by Yale researchers shows.

Shorter Hospital Stays for Older Patients with Pneumonia Lead to More Frequent Hospital Re-Admissions
15 Dec 00 | Older patients hospitalized with pneumonia for an increasingly shorter length of time are more likely to be re-admitted or discharged to a nursing home, a study by a Yale researcher and collaborators shows.

Innovative Techniques for Managing Pain Help Minimize Children's Suffering at Yale's Pediatric Pain Management Services
14 Dec 00 | Using acupuncture, cryoblation, controlled breathing, diversion and other innovative techniques in addition to medicines, physicians at Yale are providing relief to children who experience pain as a result of surgery, chronic illness or vaccinations.

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