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Releasing Study Data before Journal Publication Could Result in Incorrect Clinical Applications, Yale Researchers Find
12 Dec 00 | When results of clinical trials were revealed before publication in a peer-reviewed journal, Yale researchers saw changes in medical practice that were not necessarily applied to the kind of patients and settings described in the trial results.

Gene Believed Linked to Serious Kidney Disease
11 Dec 00 | Defects in the thin, hair-like projections lining the ducts and tubules of the kidneys, and known as primary cilia, may be responsible for a kidney disease affecting one in 10,000 children, a Yale researcher and collaborators have found.

Caffeine in Analgesics Does Not Promote Dependence, Study by International Panel Finds
08 Dec 00 | A review by a committee of international scientists, and chaired by a Yale researcher, has found no evidence that caffeine in over-the-counter pain relievers leads to dependence.

As Death Nears, Quality of Life Priorities More Likely to Shift for the Terminally ill, Yale Researchers Suggest
05 Dec 00 | Religion, communication and control take precedence over physical symptoms and functioning at the end of life for some terminally ill patients, Yale researchers suggest in a new book, which examines the complex issues surrounding death and dying.

Yale Researchers Design A New Model of Care to Protect The Well Being of the Elderly When Hospitalized
04 Dec 00 | Yale researchers have designed a cost-saving program that helps prevent older patients from declining physically and mentally while hospitalized.

Yale Researchers Identify Two Genes That Cause Emphysema
04 Dec 00 | In two studies, Yale researchers have demonstrated for the first time that two genes, Interleuken-13 (IL-13) and gamma-interferon, cause pulmonary emphysema.

Many Physicians Unlikely to Get Routine Medical Care, Yale Researcher Reports
30 Nov 00 | "Doctor, Heal Thyself?", the title of a new study led by a Yale researcher, suggests that many physicians seem to live by this motto, because they are unlikely to see a doctor on a regular basis.

Household Hazards Are Not, as Commonly Believed, The Leading Cause of Falls By the Elderly
30 Nov 00 | Slippery showers, loose throw rugs, obstructed pathways and other environmental hazards are not the leading cause of falls by the elderly living at home, a study by Yale researchers shows.

Yale Study Finds 90 percent Accuracy for Needle Biopsies in Estimating Severity of Cancer in the Breast
28 Nov 00 | Physicians conducting needle biopsies with a higher gauge needle the size of a drinking straw and equipped with a vacuum suction device underestimated the severity of cancer in a breast in less than 10 percent of the cases.

Results of Yale Study Confirm Aspirin Helpful in Preventing a First Heart Attack
21 Nov 00 | An overview by a Yale researcher of four studies examining the use of aspirin and the reduction of heart attacks in persons with no previous history of cardiovascular disease shows aspirin remains a good preventive measure.

Yale Researchers Use Light Therapy To Treat Depressed Pregnant Women
21 Nov 00 | A light therapy normally used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is now being tested on depressed pregnant women, possibly ending the need for antidepressants that often have side effects.

Yale Physician Conducts Endoscopic Surgery Using High Definition Television
17 Nov 00 | A Yale physician has conducted what is believed to be the first endoscopic surgical procedures using high definition television (HDTV), which more than doubles the sharpness of the image when compared to current technology.

Nosebleeds May Signal Rare Hereditary Disorder That Attacks Multiple Organs and Leads to Strokes
16 Nov 00 | When epistaxis or nosebleeds occur in multiple members of one family, they are an important clue to a genetic disorder of the blood vessels called Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) that can lead to strokes and other symptoms.

New Antipsychotic Drugs Combined with Nicotine Patch Help Schizophrenics Quit Smoking
15 Nov 00 | Schizophrenics who took the newer antipsychotic drugs along with the nicotine patch had nearly triple the success rate quitting smoking as schizophrenics taking more traditional antipsychotic medications and the nicotine patch, a Yale study shows.

Yale Researchers Succeed in Using Stem Cells to Repair Damaged Spinal Cord in Primates
14 Nov 00 | A Yale research team has transplanted stem cells from a primate to repair the protective sheath around the spinal cord in the same animal, an accomplishment that some day could help people with spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis.

Yale Scientists Give the Golgi Apparatus its own Identity, Paving the way for More Targeted Cancer Research
14 Nov 00 | Researchers at Yale have discovered that, contrary to previous beliefs, the Golgi apparatus is an organelle that exists independently of the larger endoplasmic reticulum and is a crucial component of cell division.

Yale Researcher Tests New Light Therapy for Treating Winter Seasonal Depression
09 Nov 00 | A new therapy for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that delivers treatment through a light wrapped around a patient's knee is being tested by Yale researcher Dan Oren, M.D., associate professor of psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine.

Melatonin Does Not Shift the Circadian Clock, But Promotes Sleep at Bedtime
06 Nov 00 | Contrary to popular belief, melatonin does not shift circadian rhythms when taken for conditions like jet lag, but it can promote sleep if taken in the evening, a study by Yale researchers has found.

Leptin Found to Be Factor in Diabetic Eye Disease
03 Nov 00 | Leptin, a hormone considered critical in body weight regulation and obesity, also might play a role in diabetic eye disease, a study by Yale researchers shows.

Function of Nicotine Receptors in the Brain Key to Maintaining Cognitive Capability in Aging
01 Nov 00 | A new study by Yale researchers shows that loss of nicotine receptors in the brain in the late stages of Alzheimer's Disease may contribute to the cognitive impairments associated with the disease.

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