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Two Methods of Implanting Embryos Yield Similar Success Rates
30 Oct 00 | Contrary to official figures, two methods of fertilization - implanting the embryo in the uterus or in the Fallopian tube - yield comparable success rates, a study by a Yale researcher has concluded.

Patients Underestimate Risks and Overestimate Benefits Of Elective Angioplasty, a Yale Study Finds
27 Oct 00 | Patients about to undergo their first elective angioplasty to clear a coronary artery tended to minimize the risks and overestimate the benefits, a study by Yale researchers has found.

Virtual Reality Headset Distracts Patients From Pain and Anxiety Of Surgical Procedure
25 Oct 00 | Women who wore a virtual reality headset during a painful surgical procedure for infertility found the soothing scenes and music reduced their anxiety and discomfort, a study by a Yale researcher shows.

Trauma and Stress in Early Life Increases Vulnerability to Cocaine Addiction in Adulthood
19 Oct 00 | The trauma that a majority of drug addicts suffer in early life has now been shown to increase their vulnerability to drug addiction, Yale researchers report.

Bacteria that Cause Food Poisoning Contain Toxins That Destroy DNA
19 Oct 00 | Protein toxins found in bacteria that are the most common culprit in food poisoning attack and destroy DNA, a study shows. The finding, published in the journal Science, is significant because little is known about how these bacteria cause disease.

Brain Size in Premature Infants Significantly Smaller than Full-term Babies
17 Oct 00 | Brain scans of children born prematurely show key areas of the brain are much smaller than those of children born at full-term, a study by Yale researchers has found.

Melasyn(tm), A Synthetic Melanin Developed by Yale Researchers, Reaches National Market
11 Oct 00 | Melasyn(tm), a water soluble, synthetic melanin that was first developed as a skin cancer preventative by Yale researcher, John Pawelek and his colleagues, has now hit the national cosmetics market as the key ingredient in a make-up line.

Teasing Plays Role in Binge Eating Disorder
11 Oct 00 | Teasing people about their general appearance, more so than making fun of their weight and size, may play a role in binge eating disorder.

Survey Shows Many Adults Have Misconceptions About How Young Children Develop
10 Oct 00 | A national survey of 3,000 adults on what they know about child development shows serious gaps in basic knowledge, says a Yale psychiatrist and president of a group that acted as the chief scientific collaborator on the survey.

Stress May Cause Excess Abdominal Fat in Otherwise Slender Women
22 Sep 00 | Non-overweight women who are vulnerable to the effects of stress are more likely to have excess abdominal fat, and have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, a study conducted at Yale suggests.

Invasive Medical Procedures to Live Better, Not Longer May Not Be Prudent for all Patients -- Couch Potatoes May Like it That Way
21 Sep 00 | Treadmill and other tests to determine exercise capacity and blood flow to the heart may not provide accurate information about a patient's quality of life, a study by Yale researchers shows.

Yale Researchers Discover Why a Common Antibiotic Causes Deadly Heart Condition in Some
13 Sep 00 | A gene present in about 1.6 percent of the general population places these persons at risk for a life-threatening heart rhythm disorder when they take the common antibiotic trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole or Bactrim(tm), Yale researchers have found.

Yale Researchers Explore the Impact of Mental and Physical Disability on Economic and Social Well-Being
07 Sep 00 | Ten years after passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), Yale researchers have used the largest disability survey ever conducted to examine the prevalence and impact of mental and physical disability in the United States.

Cooler Temperatures Enhance Survival of HIV in Syringes
06 Sep 00 | The HIV virus remains alive and well in syringes containing infected blood for at least 42 days when stored in near-freezing temperatures, a study by Yale researchers shows.

Yale Lead Test Site for Detecting Heart Disease in Diabetics
22 Aug 00 | Yale will be the lead test site for a $3.2 million national study aimed at earlier diagnosis of the leading silent killer of persons with diabetes -- heart disease.

Acupuncture Is Promising Treatment for Cocaine Addiction
13 Aug 00 | In the first such finding from a controlled study, Yale researchers have successfully used acupuncture to treat cocaine addiction, a disorder for which there are few effective treatments.

Basic Questions Are Best Way to Spot Alcohol Problems
10 Aug 00 | Out of 38 studies of screening methods for alcohol problems in primary care physicians' practices, the four so-called CAGE questions and the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test were the most effective.

Advances in Brain Imaging Create Bright Future For People With Degenerative Diseases Like Parkinson's
24 Jul 00 | Ongoing advances in brain imaging will pave the way for more effective treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, Yale researchers report in the current issue of Science.

Stress Testing May Not Be Necessary for Most Older Persons Starting an Exercise Program
18 Jul 00 | After weighing the benefits and risks of exercise among older persons, Yale researchers concluded that current guidelines for exercise stress testing are not applicable for the vast majority of older persons starting an exercise program.

Report on the Use of Alternative Medicine for Mental Conditions Issued by Yale Researchers
14 Jul 00 | People with mental conditions are 25 percent more likely to use alternative or complementary treatments than those without such disorders, a Yale research team has found.

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