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Smoking Enhances Cognitive Capability, A Study by a Yale Researcher Shows
06 Jul 00 | A study conducted by Yale researchers suggests that nicotine enhances the cognitive functions of the brain and may explain why many schizophrenics are heavy smokers.

Yale Scientists Identify Genetic Form of Hypertension in Pregnant Women
06 Jul 00 | A Yale research team led by Richard P. Lifton, M.D., professor of genetics, medicine, and molecular biophysics and biochemistry, has identified the molecular cause of an inherited form of hypertension in pregnant women.

Negative Views of Aging Increase Cardiovascular Stress in Older Persons
27 Jun 00 | In the first study of its kind, a Yale-led research team has shown that older individuals' beliefs about aging can have a direct impact on their health.

Bone Marrow Produces Mature Liver Cells in Humans, Yale-NYU Team Discovers
26 Jun 00 | Mature liver cells in humans are generated from bone marrow-derived stem cells, a Yale-NYU team has discovered, paving the way for improved treatment of liver damage and disease.

Yale Physician Issues Statement on Effectiveness of Antimicrobials in Soaps, Lotions and Other Products
19 Jun 00 | Adding antimicrobials to consumer products such as hand lotions and soaps may not add to their effectiveness, according to Yale School of Medicine professor Myron Genel, M.D.

Combination of Drugs May Effectively Treat Cocaine Addicts
14 Jun 00 | When buprenorphine, an alternative to methadone for treating opiate addiction, was combined with disulfiram-marketed as Antabuse for treating alcoholism-the combination was more effective than buprenorphine alone in reducing cocaine use.

Yale Pediatrician's Newly Invented Head Lice Shampoo Sheds Light on an Age-old Problem Facing Children and Parents
12 Jun 00 | To combat the prevalent problem of head lice in children, a Yale pediatrician has invented a shampoo that makes the nits visible under ultraviolet lights, making for easier, more effective removal.

Suicidal Thoughts and Attempts Higher Among Young People With General Medical Illnesses
05 Jun 00 | A new Yale study reports increased rates of suicidal thoughts and attempts by young adults nationwide with general medical illnesses, such as asthma, bronchitis and cancer.

Make Believe Play Boosts Learning and School-Readiness in Preschoolers
01 Jun 00 | Researchers found that training low-income parents and inner city daycare teachers to engage three-to five-year-olds in make believe play can significantly strengthen children's skills for succeeding in school.

Surviving Spouses in Unhappy Marriages Have Fewer Health Problems than Survivors from Happy Marriages
01 Jun 00 | The surviving spouse in an unhappy marriage is likely to have fewer health problems than a spouse who loses his or her partner in a happy marriage.

Early Escalation of Cocaine Intake Is a Predictor of Addiction
30 May 00 | New users of cocaine who quickly escalate the amount they are taking is a good predictor of who is likely to become addicted. "While many people try drugs, only some actually become addicted," said David Self, assoc. professor of psychiatry at Yale.

Older Persons With Acute Illnesses Prefer Hospital Care Over Home Care
21 May 00 | Given the choice, 54 percent of older Americans with acute illnesses would prefer to be cared for in a hospital, rather than in their homes, even if home and hospital provide the same outcome.

Persons with Attention Deficit Disorder Have Complex Cognitive Problems
15 May 00 | Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is a complicated impairment of the brain's management systems often accompanied by other psychiatric problems, according to a new book edited by a Yale professor.

Drug Protects Brain Development in Premature Babies
15 May 00 | An anti-inflammatory drug used for adults with arthritis also is very effective in protecting brain development in premature babies, a Yale-led study shows.

Yale Dermatologist Writes Guide To Total Skin Health
03 May 00 | Straightforward advice and practical answers to the most commonly asked skin health questions can now be found in "Total Skin: The Definitive Guide to Whole Skin Care For Life," a new book by David J. Leffell, M.D.

Neurotransmitter Diminishes Morphine's Potency in the Brain, Researchers See Implications as Diet Aid
01 May 00 | While a neurotransmitter is enhancing morphine's effects in the spine, it also is diminishing the drug's addictive characteristics in the brain, a Yale study shows.

Yale Study Suggests Estrogen Does Not Prevent Heart Attack Death in Postmenopausal Women
27 Apr 00 | Short-term estrogen withdrawal or replacement produces no effects likely to influence heart attack death in postmenopausal women, a Yale study shows.

Mammography Particularly Useful in Detecting Slow-Growing, Non-Aggressive Tumors
27 Apr 00 | Breast cancer has a lower rate of recurrence when detected through screening mammography rather than other approaches, because screening mammography is especially likely to find slow-growing, non-aggressive tumors, a Yale study shows.

Irregular Fetal Heartbeat Indicates Serious Problem In Small Number of Cases
25 Apr 00 | Irregular fetal heartbeats are relatively common, but a Yale study, the largest of its kind to date, shows these arrhythmias are an indication of serious problems in only a fraction of affected fetuses.

Older Workers Who Lose Their Jobs Suffer Mental and Physical Health Problems, Yale Study Shows
24 Apr 00 | Older workers who lose their jobs suffer more health problems than those who remain employed, a Yale study shows.

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