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New Liposuction Technique for Neck and Jowls Offers More Precise Results, Yale Study Shows
24 Apr 00 | A new liposuction method for the neck and jowls using several tiny incisions and a syringe is more precise and helps guard against extracting too much fat, a Yale study shows.

People with Autism and Asperger Syndrome Process Faces as Objects, Yale Study of Brain Abnormalities Finds
14 Apr 00 | Yale researchers have for the first time used functional MRI to study brain organization in persons with autism and Asperger Syndrome and found that they perceive faces as if they were objects.

Ehrlichiosis Now Second Most Prevalent Tick-Associated Disease, Yale Study Shows
05 Apr 00 | Ehrlichiosis, a recently described disease that causes flu-like symptoms similar to Lyme disease, is now the second most common tick-transmitted ailment in southeastern Connecticut, a Yale study shows.

Yale Researcher Looking for Clues to Normal Aging in Premature Aging Disease Receives Major Award
03 Apr 00 | A Yale researcher studying the makeup of a gene responsible for a rare premature aging disease has been named recipient of The Paul Beeson Scholar Award.

Memory Loss May be Reversed With New Treatment Developed at Yale
16 Mar 00 | Working memory loss can be reversed using a short-term drug regimen that produces long-lasting effects, a Yale study has found.

Yale Psychiatrist Steps up Magnetic Stimulation To Curb Auditory Hallucinations in Schizophrenics
08 Mar 00 | A Yale psychiatrist testing the use of magnetic stimulation for schizophrenics who hear voices says increasing the duration of stimulation produces longer periods of relief.

Anti-Cocaine Vaccine Produces Antibodies and Is Shown To Be Safe In Phase 1 Study Conducted By Yale Researcher
07 Mar 00 | A therapeutic cocaine vaccine designed to suppress the high addicts get from taking cocaine is safe and produced cocaine antibodies in humans, a Yale study finds.

Yale Researchers Pinpoint Possible Causes of Dizziness in the Elderly Study Suggests Dizziness is a Geriatric Syndrome
06 Mar 00 | A Yale study of elderly people found that 24 percent complained of recurring dizziness and that factors such as anxiety, depression and heart disease might cause dizziness.

Groundbreaking Yale Research On Brain Receptors Could Yield Better Treatments For Schizophrenia and Parkinson's
02 Mar 00 | Yale research on the new protein Calcyon could lead to development of more effective drugs for conditions which are marked by dopamine deficiency, such as Parkinson's, chronic schizophrenia and possibly attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Yale Physician Designs First Self-Testing Device for Glaucoma
24 Feb 00 | A new device that allows at-home testing for glaucoma, which is one of the leading causes of blindness around the world, has been designed by a Yale physician.

Link Between Taste and Temperature Focus of "Thermal Taste," a New Discovery by Yale Scientists
23 Feb 00 | Manipulating the tongue's temperature can result in the same salty, sweet or sour taste caused by sugars, acids or other chemicals, a Yale study finds, furthering understanding of the physiology of taste.

More Research Needed To Gauge Estrogen's Effects on Alzheimer's Disease, Yale Scientists Say
22 Feb 00 | In response to a new study showing that estrogen does not slow the effects of Alzheimer's disease, Yale researchers say more studies are needed to answer key questions about estrogen's possible role in preventing or delaying the disease.

Yale Surgeon One of Few To Regularly Use New Treatment For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
17 Feb 00 | A new surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome that improves recovery time and reduces the number of complications from current treatments, is being used by Yale surgeon, Grant Thomson, M.D.

Yale Study Shows U.S. Sterilization Movement More Prevalent than Believed at Time of Nazi Germany
14 Feb 00 | Forced and voluntary sterilization in the United States was more closely allied to the policies of Nazi Germany than previously believed, a Yale study shows.

Training Overseas Has Long-Lasting Effect On Yale Physicians-in-Training
10 Feb 00 | Doctors who train for a time in underdeveloped areas are more likely, as they pursue their careers, to care for underserved patients, a Yale study shows.

Long-Term Treatment Outcomes For Lyme Disease Patients Are Positive, Yale Researchers Find
01 Feb 00 | Despite widespread anxiety about Lyme disease, Yale researchers have found that treatments for the tick-borne disease are effective and long lasting.

Mental Stress Can Lead To Sudden Death, Yale Study Finds
31 Jan 00 | Yale researchers have found that psychological stress can facilitate sudden death by increasing the chances that arrhythmias -- abnormal heart rhythms -- are more lethal in susceptible patients.

Yale Testing New Drug to Treat Leading Cause of Blindness in People Over 50
28 Jan 00 | A new light sensitive drug used to treat the most severe form of macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness in people over 50, is being tested at Yale School of Medicine.

Yale Researchers Identify Gene and Protein That Stops Spinal Cord and Brain Regrowth After Nervous System Injury
26 Jan 00 | Reversing brain and spinal cord injuries may soon be possible with the discovery of a gene and protein responsible for stopping axon regrowth, Yale researchers say.

Mentally Ill Patients Receive Fewer Cardiovascular Procedures Than Rest of Population, Yale Study Finds
25 Jan 00 | After having heart attacks, patients with mental illnesses are significantly less likely to undergo cardiovascular procedures than patients without mental disorders, Yale researchers say.

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