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New Clues to Genes Tied to Polycystic Kidney Disease, Yale Research Funded With $5.6 Million Federal Grant
19 Jan 00 | Absence of a gene linked to a potentially fatal kidney disease causes the kidney, pancreas and heart to develop abnormally, Yale researchers say.

Yale Researchers Find Wide Gap in Satisfaction Between Sick and Healthy Patients Under Managed Care
18 Jan 00 | Managed care patients with chronic illnesses are twice as likely to report dissatisfaction with their care than healthier patients, while both types of patients are equally satisfied with fee-for-service plans, Yale researchers say.

Hardening of Arteries Is Caused, Not Prevented By The Protein Interferon-gamma, Yale Study Finds
12 Jan 00 | A protein that was previously thought to prevent hardening of the arteries has been shown to actually cause the disease, according to a Yale study.

Yale Scientists Develop Non-Invasive Procedure For Detecting Fetal Anemia
05 Jan 00 | Yale scientists have successfully used a non-invasive technology called Doppler ultrasound to detect whether or not a fetus is anemic, eliminating the risks accompanying traditional invasive tests for the deficiency.

Yale Researchers Demonstrate Specific Gene Can Cause Type I Diabetes
03 Jan 00 | The discovery was made when the researchers induced spontaneous diabetes by injecting an animal model with DQ8, a human gene long suspected to be a culprit in insulin-dependent diabetes.

Yale Child Psychiatrist Supports Results of Autism Treatment Study That Shows A Popular Drug is Ineffective
08 Dec 99 | A treatment for autistic children that was touted by the media and anxious parents as a wonder drug has been shown to have no effect, highlighting the need for controlled studies, according to a Yale psychiatrist.

Yale to Begin Clinical Trial for New Test to Provide Earlier Detection of Down Syndrome
06 Dec 99 | A new screening test that could significantly improve the detection of fetal Down syndrome will be tested in a national clinical trial by Yale researchers beginning in January.

Yale Researchers Discover New Role for B Cells/Discovery Might Shed Light on "Mad Cow Disease"
02 Dec 99 | A Yale study reveals that B cells play a leading role in promoting the development of unique cells that serve as gatekeepers for disease in the gastrointestinal area.

Geography and Physician Caseload Are Key Factors in Oophorectomy Rates, According to Yale Study
30 Nov 99 | Whether or not a woman's ovaries are removed during hysterectomy depends partly on where she lives and her surgeon's experience, according to a Yale School of Medicine study.

Yale Scientists Discover New Technique for Studying Living Cells, Furthering Knowledge of Diseases Like Parkinson's
11 Nov 99 | Yale researchers have developed a new method for recording the electrical activities within living cells, which could lead to better treatment for diseases like Parkinson's, and provide clues to how learning occurs.

Yale Study Shows Aspirin as Effective as Anti-Clotting Drug In Reducing Post-Heart Attack Risk
10 Nov 99 | Heart attack sufferers can benefit as much from taking one aspirin a day after their trauma as from taking aspirin along with a powerful anti-clotting drug, a Yale study shows.

Yale Prostate Cancer Study Shows Newer Implant Therapy Has Fewer Side-Effects
29 Oct 99 | A Yale study of complication rates from two radiation implant therapies for prostate cancer shows that the newer therapy, Palladium-103, has fewer long-term side effects than Iodine-125, an older, more commonly prescribed therapy.

Yale Study of Long-Term Learning Deficits Resulting From Repeated Amphetamine Exposure Could Help Drug Abusers
27 Oct 99 | Repeated exposure to low-dose amphetamines can cause deficits in cognitive performance that last for several years after the exposure ends, offering insight into potential harmful effects of chronic substance abuse in humans, a Yale study has found.

Yale Study Shows Way to Re-Stimulate Brain Cell Growth
21 Oct 99 | Yale scientists have discovered that the growth of brain cells, which normally ends in adolescence, can be re-stimulated in mature neurons with a molecular mechanism known as Notch signaling.

Yale Receives $10 Million to Study Tobacco Use Research
18 Oct 99 | Yale researchers will examine why some smokers are resistant to current smoking cessation treatments with a $10 million grant from The National Institute on Drug Abuse, the National Cancer Institute and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Yale and State Researchers Develop Improved Test for New Tick Disease
15 Oct 99 | Yale and state scientists have developed a new, simpler and more reliable blood test to detect a recently discovered disease called ehrlichiosis, which is carried by deer ticks.

Breast Cancer Relapse Rates Appear Higher in Women Under 40 Who Have Cancer-Causing Gene, Yale Study Finds
01 Oct 99 | Women with cancer-causing genes who choose lumpectomy and radiation therapy appear to have an increased risk of getting a second tumor in the treated breast five to 10 years after treatment, a Yale study finds.

Innovative Program to Keep Elder Adults Healthy Created
22 Sep 99 | The Tower One/Tower East housing complex and Yale School of Nursing are creating a program that will enable residents to stay healthier and protect their rights and well-being as they move through an increasingly complex health care system.

Yale Study Finds Cocaine Addiction Causes Long-Lasting Changes in the Brain
15 Sep 99 | A Yale research team has found that repeated use of cocaine causes changes in the brain that persist long after the drug is no longer used.

Yale Salmonella Study Provides Insight into How the Bacteria Invades and Lives in the Body's Cells
15 Sep 99 | In order to promote favorable living conditions once it invades a cell, the salmonella bacteria injects its host cell with a protein called SptP, a Yale study finds.

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