Breast Cancer Fund

In response to the public health crisis of breast cancer, The Breast Cancer Fund identifies - and advocates for elimination of - the environmental and other preventable causes of the disease.

The Breast Cancer Fund undertakes a variety of projects to increase public awareness and concern about the disease and to provide information, support and hope to women with breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Fund raises funds from our supporters to provide direct grants to research, education, patient support and advocacy projects that show promise of significant breakthroughs.

The Breast Cancer Fund undertakes its own advocacy efforts and works in collaboration with other organizations to build broad support to stop the breast cancer epidemic.

For more information, or to contact Breast Cancer Fund, see their website at:

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Climb Against the Odds: Team of Breast Cancer Survivors and Supporters Attempt to Summit Mt. Shasta for Prevention Efforts
01 May 03 | In July 2003, a team of 49 breast cancer survivors and those who have been touched by the disease will participate in Climb Against the Odds ~ Mt. Shasta, the fourth major mountain climbing expedition hosted by The Breast Cancer Fund.

California Legislators Consider Bill to Establish First-Ever State Biomonitoring Program at April 30 Hearing
24 Apr 03 | The California Senate Health and Human Services Committee will hold a hearing in Sacramento on April 30 on SB 689, a bill that will establish the first-ever state biomonitoring program in the U.S.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi Secures Funding for San Francisco Program Helping Underserved Women with Breast Cancer
03 Mar 03 | The Breast Cancer Fund has received $325,000 in federal funding thanks to advocacy spearheaded by Representative Nancy Pelosi (D- CA), House Minority Leader, to support the LifeLines program at Shanti.

California Legislators to Hold October 23 Hearing on the Environmental Causes of Breast Cancer
15 Oct 02 | The California Senate Health and Human Services Committee and the Assembly Health Committee will hold a joint hearing on Breast Cancer and the Environment to hear testimony on evidence of links between toxic chemicals and rising breast cancer rates.

250 Breast Cancer Survivors and Hikers to Summit Mt. Crested Butte for Prevention of the Disease
19 Jul 02 | On Saturday, August 10, 2002, 250 survivors and their supporters will tackle a 12,000' mountain in the same way they combat breast cancer - one step at a time.

The Breast Cancer Fund Praises Governor Davis for Standing Up for Women with Breast Cancer
14 May 02 | The Breast Cancer Fund today praised Governor Davis for strengthening his commitment to breast cancer treatment and research, despite pressure to cut many deserving state-funded programs. 3. Restoration of $12.5 million for the Cancer Research ...

Public Hearing and New Report Reveal Environmental Links to Breast Cancer
20 Feb 02 | The California Senate Health & Human Services Committee, under the leadership of State Senator Deborah Ortiz, held an informational hearing today that revealed new information on the links between toxic chemicals found in our environment and ...

The Breast Cancer Fund Alarmed & Saddened by Marin County Breast Cancer Rate Increase
16 Jan 02 | With more and more women in Marin County and throughout the United States suffering from breast cancer, TBCF continued to call for policymakers to address prevention of breast cancer by studying and reducing the number of cancer-causing chemicals ...

200 Breast Cancer Survivors and Hikers Tackle a Mountain in Spirited Bid to Fight the Disease
12 Oct 01 | Worthington State Forest, NJ -- Breast cancer survivors and their supporters will take on a portion of the Appalachian Trail on Saturday, October 20th, as 200 hikers and volunteers climb in Worthington State Forest to raise funds for The Breast ...

The Breast Cancer Fund Praises Governor Davis for Signing Environmental Health Tracking Bill
05 Oct 01 | Sacramento, CA -- The Breast Cancer Fund (TBCF) today praised Governor Gray Davis for signing SB 702 - a bill that establishes the first-ever comprehensive statewide surveillance system for environmental health. The bill, authored by Senator ...

Andrea R. Martin Steps Down as Executive Director of The Breast Cancer Fund
17 Sep 01 | The Board has appointed Jeanne Rizzo, a close advisor and long-time breast cancer advocate, as the second Executive Director in the organization's history. Martin founded the Breast Cancer Fund in 1992 after her own grueling fight against breast ...

1,000 Breast Cancer Survivors And Hikers To Tackle Mount Tam In Spirited Bid To Fight The Disease
28 Aug 01 | San Francisco, CA -- Breast cancer survivors and their supporters will take on the Bay Area's highest peak on Sunday, September 16, as 1,000 hikers and volunteers climb Marin's Mount Tamalpais to raise funds for The Breast Cancer Fund (TBCF or The...



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