Christians help celebrate the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg, Russia

Campus Crusade for Christ
Friday, 11 April 2003

The city of St. Petersburg is throwing the biggest party in Russian history—and you're invited! This year marks the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg. Major renovations are underway to restore the city to its past glory, but the most exciting aspect of the anniversary is the opportunity for spiritual restoration.

St. Petersburg is known as the "City of Three Revolutions." The name came from the first Russian revolution in 1905, the bourgeois-democratic revolution in February 1917, and the socialist revolution in October 1917. But believers in Russia are viewing the St. Petersburg anniversary as a chance to usher in the fourth revolution – not a revolution of military or political power, but a spiritual revolution that will turn the city to Christ. As one Russian pastor observed, "This revolution will not be marked by the bloodshed of the people, but by the shed blood of the Savior, Jesus Christ."

Josh McDowell Ministry will be helping Russian believers usher in this spiritual revolution through the Operation Carelift 2003 Summer Project. Hundreds of volunteers from all over the U.S. and Canada are needed to make sure that all the people of St. Petersburg—including orphans, the elderly, and the infirm—have a reason to celebrate.

St. Petersburg is one of the world's largest centers of science and industry, and it is widely known as the Cultural Center of Russia. The architectural splendor of the city still dazzles visitors. From extravagant palaces to world-acclaimed museums, the grandeur of historical St. Petersburg is breathtaking.

But in other ways, St. Petersburg is suffering. It is an extraordinary city with extraordinary needs. Beyond the grand cathedrals, palaces, and museums, there are needy people—children without homes, elderly men and women without pensions, sick people without medical care. St. Petersburg remains a city of contradictions—of pride in the face of suffering, of opulence alongside poverty, of celebration in the midst of despair.

The goal of Operation Carelift 2003 is to help bridge these gaps. Through our partnership with the local church, we will minister to the physical needs of those who are hurting—to provide food for those who are hungry, aid to those who are sick, and the eternal hope of Jesus Christ to all.

The Josh McDowell Ministry first visited St. Petersburg in 1990, and has returned many times since to minister to people's spiritual and physical needs. Operation Carelift, seeks to help change lives by sharing Christ's love and compassion with people who have so many reasons to feel hopeless. Since 1990, over 7.500 volunteers have participated in Operation Carelift projects, sharing the good news of the Gospel and distributing more than $39 million in food, medicine, vitamins and Christian literature to needy children and families.

In 2001, Josh McDowell was invited to serve as the only foreign representative on the Russian foundation committee for the 300th anniversary celebration. Josh saw this as a historic opportunity to build a worldwide coalition of ministries and organizations focused on helping the Russian people. As a result, nearly 50 ministries have come together to apply their particular strengths and specialties to meet people's physical and spiritual needs in St. Petersburg.

This is your invitation to the celebration—not just a human one, but a heavenly one as well. Please contact us for more information on how you can be involved.

A Brochure may be downloaded from our website at or call and request a copy at 972-907-1000.

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