New Book Helps Answer Questions Raised by The Passion of the Christ

Campus Crusade for Christ
Wednesday, 10 March 2004

Campus Crusade for Christ has distributed 200,000 free copies of a just-released book, containing The Life of Jesus and More Than a Carpenter, on campuses and in cities across America to help answer questions raised by the controversial Mel Gibson movie.

Mel Gibson's controversial movie, The Passion of the Christ, has aroused spiritual interest across America. Anticipating the debate, Campus Crusade for Christ printed 200,000 copies of a book containing both The Life of Jesus and More Than a Carpenter to help answer the questions many people are asking.

"The movie raises people's spiritual interest dramatically," explained Mike Duggins, Associate U.S. Director for Campus Crusade for Christ International. "People are asking, 'Is this true? What difference does it make to me?'"

The new book (or flipbook, because it has two books printed back-to-back with two front covers) contains The Life of Jesus on one side and More Than a Carpenter on the flip side.

The Life of Jesus is a chronological journey through the life and teachings of Jesus, as portrayed in all four Gospels. This simple compilation of Bible readings is designed to introduce people to the story of Jesus. The easy-to-understand language of the New Living Translation (Tyndale House Publishers) makes the events of Jesus' life come alive in a fresh way. A helpful index at the end allows the reader to compare the text of a standard Bible with this harmony of the Gospels.

More Than a Carpenter, Josh McDowell's examination of the life of Jesus, is one of the best-selling Christian books ever (more than twenty million copies in print). Written by a former skeptic, the easy-to-read book answers many of the historical questions people are asking because of the film.

More than 4,000 copies of the flipbook were recently given out at North Carolina State University. "Students are asking lots of questions about Jesus because of Mel Gibson's film," said Mike Mehaffie, Director of the N.C. State chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ. "We're making this book available to students and encouraging them to read and come to their own conclusions." A bookmark in each flipbook encourages people to visit for more answers.

Campus Crusade ministries plan to print 300,000 more flipbooks this month and distribute one-half million copies by Easter. Campus Crusade for Christ International, founded by Bill and Vonette Bright in 1951, is one of the largest non-profit, interdenominational organizations in the world. Based in Orlando, Fla., the organization has more than 60 different ministries in 191 countries around the world dedicated to showing people how to know and experience God's love and plan for their lives. For more information, visit the Campus Crusade for Christ Web site at

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