Aid Agencies Call For Full Global HIV/AIDS Funding In 2004

Tuesday, 2 September 2003

Request includes $300 million for programs for children orphaned by AIDS

As President Bush and lawmakers return to Washington, many of the nation's leading humanitarian and faith-based organizations are stepping up their efforts to win Congressional approval of $3 billion for global HIV/AIDS funding in 2004.

The new drive includes placing advertisements in newspapers and mobilizing citizens around the country to contact President Bush and members of Congress about the importance of full funding of the AIDS bill, which will be voted on by the Senate this month. Click here to view the ad campaign.

Local and international aid agencies have the capacity to put the $3 billion to work immediately to save lives. The 11 undersigned organizations are on the front lines of the AIDS crisis, in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. They have joined forces to urge complete financial backing for prevention, treatment, care and support programs, with 10 percent of the funds dedicated to the care of 14 million children orphaned or affected by AIDS.

In May, President Bush signed the Global AIDS bill authorizing $15 billion dollars over five years, including $10 billion in new funds. This funding breaks down to $3 billion dollars each year. It is vital that Congress allocate $3 billion dollars for the coming year, not the $2 billion dollars the President requested in his budget. This money should not come at the expense of other humanitarian assistance programs. The stakes could not be higher. As time slips by without this funding, the need only grows.

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