CARE Says Security Countrywide is Job No.1 in Afghanistan
17 Jun 03 | CARE is calling on the U. S. government to support a broader NATO mission when the organization assumes leadership of the International Security Assistance Force in Kabul on August 10.

CARE Health Projects Aim to Fill Shortfalls in Iraq's Public Health System
05 Jun 03 | The international humanitarian organization CARE, working with the UN, the World Health Organization and Ministry of Health staff, has commenced projects aimed at filling the shortfalls in Iraq's public health system.

Millions of people in Iraq at risk as water and sewage systems crumble
19 May 03 | The Iraqi Central Water Authority must be reestablished immediately in order to avoid a major public health crisis, the international humanitarian organization CARE stated today. Baghdad alone has a population of 5 million people who are vulnerable.

As Insecurity Rises in Baghdad, CARE Urges Coalition Forces to Restore Order
12 May 03 | In the midst of rising lawlessness, the international humanitarian organization CARE today called on coalition forces to meet their obligations under the Geneva Convention to restore order and security in Baghdad.

CARE calls for solutions to malnutrition in West Bank and Gaza
07 May 03 | Malnutrition in the West Bank and Gaza needs both immediate attention and long-term commitment from all parties in the Middle East peace process, the international humanitarian organization CARE said today.

Security, Health Care Essential for Progress in Iraq
06 May 03 | Improving security and re-establishing health care and other essential social services stand out as the most serious, immediate needs to stabilize Iraq, the humanitarian organization CARE stated today.

CARE supports bill for U.S. leadership on HIV/AIDS
29 Apr 03 | CARE, the international humanitarian organization, is welcoming President Bush's remarks today endorsing H.R.1298, The U.S. Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and TB Act of 2003. CARE urges lawmakers to support the bill in its current state.

Burundi: Supporting Transition to Peace
28 Apr 03 | International aid agencies working in Burundi urge governments of the international community and Burundian parties to work together to ensure a peaceful transition in the Burundian Presidency and to support the next steps in the peace process.

CARE relief supplies, emergency team arrive in Baghdad
28 Apr 03 | The international humanitarian organization CARE reports that its first shipment of humanitarian supplies, including food and hygiene kits, crossed the Jordan-Iraq border and arrived safely in Baghdad over the weekend.

CARE Readies Humanitarian Deliveries from Jordan to Iraq
18 Apr 03 | CARE has readied hundreds of tons of humanitarian supplies for delivery to Iraq from Jordan as soon as security conditions permit. The first delivery convoy should depart within the next few days, pending the establishment of adequate security.

CARE restores generator power in baghdad hospitals
15 Apr 03 | CARE staff in Iraq are addressing key needs in Baghdad's hospitals, and distributing clean water and other supplies to communities despite disorder and chaos. But large-scale relief efforts cannot take place until a minimum of security is guaranteed.

CARE Coming to the Aid of Hospitals and Families in Iraq
11 Apr 03 | Dedicated CARE staff are helping restore water to hospital operating rooms, dispensing hygienic supplies and distributing clean drinking water to families in Iraq, but the lack of security in the country makes it extremely difficult.

Honduran child migrant workers have new opportunity for education
10 Apr 03 | Life is hard and harsh for migrant farm laborers in Honduras. Many began working at age 11 -- often at the expense of learning to read and write. But a CARE pilot project in the southern part of the country is working to change that.

CARE Backs Civilian Leadership of Humanitarian Aid
04 Apr 03 | As the debate rages within the Bush Administration over civilian versus military control of humanitarian assistance in Iraq once the war ends, it would be wise for all parties to take a hard look at Afghanistan.

Eritrea: Forgotten by the World
03 Apr 03 | CARE International and Oxfam International today urged Poul Nielson, the European Commissioner for Humanitarian and Development Aid, to set an example to the international community, and pledge more aid to Eritrea.

The Loya Jirga: Critical Transition at Hand for Afghanistan
07 Jun 02 | CARE, a leading humanitarian organization working in Afghanistan, today issued an urgent call for international support for rebuilding the country. "It is essential that the international community follow through on funds and security for ...

CARE Project in Kabul Reaches 120,000 People in Need
04 Jun 02 | CARE's emergency shelter and rehabilitation project has improved the lives of 120,000 needy people here, creating jobs, providing shelter and rehabilitating the city's key infrastructure. In addition, CARE provided materials to help tens of ...

CARE Trains Women Teachers in Afghanistan
24 May 02 | CARE is training nearly 2,000 female teachers in Kabul in close collaboration with Afghanistan's Ministry of Education. "The teacher training program is a big step toward the rebuilding of Afghanistan," said Paul Barker, country director for CARE...

Afghanistan's Reconstruction Undermined by UN Salary Increases
14 May 02 | In a statement released today, non-governmental organizations called on the international community to stop undermining Afghanistan's reconstruction efforts by raising their salaries. Instead they are robbing that capacity through salary increases...

Afghanistan's Housing Prices are Spiraling Out of Control
14 May 02 | Humanitarian organizations call on the Interim Administration and the international community to address the housing needs of the Afghan poor. In a statement released today, the Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief (ACBAR) expressed ...

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