CRS Provides Assistance After Deadly Floods in the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Catholic Relief Services
Tuesday, 25 May 2004

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) today announced the immediate provision of $20,000 in emergency funds to assist flooded communities in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The island of Hispaniola, comprising Haiti and the Dominican Republic, was hit by a powerful tropical storm over the weekend, which caused rivers and streams—already swollen from a week of rain—to breach their banks. More than 100 people are reported drowned in the border town of Jimani, in the southwest corner of the Dominican Republic. Reports from the Dominican Republic indicate another 250 people reported missing or unaccounted for. In Haiti at least 119 people are confirmed dead as a result of flooding.

CRS has released an initial $10,000 in funds for the purchase and distribution of food and water in the Dominican Republic's southwestern region of Barahona, where the flood damage is the greatest. In Haiti, where damage extends east beyond the border toward the coastal city of Jacmel, CRS is committing an additional $10,000 for relief items. Staff from CRS' programs in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are conducting assessments of the affected areas and will coordinate relief efforts from both sides of the border.

CRS has worked in Haiti since 1954 and in the Dominican Republic since 1961, with programming in the areas of food security, HIV/AIDS care, safety net programs, civil society, health, water and sanitation, education and agriculture.

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