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CRS Reiterates Call for Humanitarian Corridor in Haiti
01 Mar 04 | With the resignation of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the arrival of rebel forces in Port-au-Prince, the situation remains tense, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) reported today.

CRS Commits $150,000 to Haiti; Calls for Humanitarian Corridor
25 Feb 04 | With more than half of Haiti now beyond government control and ongoing instability restricting the delivery of humanitarian aid, Catholic Relief Services today announced it has allocated just over $150,000 in emergency and humanitarian assistance.

CRS Consortium Awarded First Round Grant of $24.7 Million to Help HIV/AIDS Patients in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America
23 Feb 04 | An unprecedented and historic five-year, $15 billion commitment by President Bush and the U.S. Congress to treat 2 million persons with HIV/AIDS, prevent 7 million new infections, and provide care and support for 10 million living with HIV/AIDS.

Operation Rice Bowl: Around the World in the 40 Days of Lent
20 Feb 04 | As millions of Catholics around the world prepare for the season of Lent, Operation Rice Bowl encourages the faithful to look beyond our own concerns and reach out to the poor and disenfranchised around the world.

CRS Warns of Potential Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti
18 Feb 04 | Catholic Relief Services today warned of the potential for a humanitarian crisis in Haiti if commercial and aid supply lines continue to be affected where armed insurgents, Haitian police and gangs supporting the government are battling for control.

CRS in Chad Assisting Sudanese Fleeing Worsening Darfur Conflict
10 Feb 04 | Catholic Relief Services is responding to the urgent needs of Sudanese refugees in Chad who have fled escalating conflict in western Sudan's Darfur region.

Statement by Catholic Relief Services on the President's Proposed FY '05 Budget
04 Feb 04 | As the international humanitarian relief and development agency of the U.S. Catholic Community, we add our unique voice to help inform the larger debate over U.S. humanitarian aid overseas.

Northeast Brazil Hit by Floods; CRS Emergency Response Underway
03 Feb 04 | Rainfall on a scale unseen in Brazil in half a century has caused widespread flooding throughout the Northeast. The floods have destroyed homes and infrastructure and left tens of thousands in immediate need of shelter, food and medicines.

Bridging the Divide: U.S. Students Train as Virtual Ambassadors to the Balkans
09 Jan 04 | More than 60 U.S. high school students and teachers from nine states will meet in Los Angeles next week to sharpen their skills as peace builders between and among students in the United States and nine Balkan countries and territories.

CRS Responds to Victims of Massive Iranian Earthquake
29 Dec 03 | Catholic Relief Services is committing an initial allocation of $100,000 to provide emergency food, medical care and other life saving assistance to victims of the massive earthquake that leveled the Iranian city of Bam, killing up to 30,000.

Catholic Organizations Join Forces in Fight Against AIDS on World AIDS Day
01 Dec 03 | On this annual World AIDS Day, Catholic Relief Services is working with Catholic organizations around the world to fight the battle against HIV/AIDS. CRS is making the provision of care to AIDS-affected persons an immediate agency priority.

CRS Coffee Project: Justice in Every Cup
25 Nov 03 | Catholic Relief Services today launched its CRS Coffee Project, an ambitious plan to boost consumption of fair trade coffee by directly marketing the coffee to the 65 million Catholics in the United States.

CRS Marks the Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane Mitch
29 Oct 03 | Five years ago this week, Hurricane Mitch struck Central America. The storm was one of the most powerful and destructive ever to strike the region, with an estimated 3.4 million people—more than 11 percent of the population—directly impacted.

CRS Urges Congress to Retain Relief and Reconstruction Support for Liberia, Afghanistan in Supplemental Bill
24 Oct 03 | Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is urging Congress to ensure critical relief and reconstruction needs in Afghanistan and Liberia are funded in the FY 2004 supplemental appropriations bill.

Catholic Relief Services Honored for Work in the Holy Land
24 Oct 03 | Catholic Relief Services (CRS) today received the Living Stones award from the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF). The award was accepted by CRS President Ken Hackett at HCEF's fifth international conference, held in Washington, DC.

Urgent Food and Medicines Pledged as Deepening Bolivian Political Crisis Cripples Major Cities
17 Oct 03 | While angry protesters choke off major services and supply routes to the Bolivian cities of La Paz and El Alto, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is working with its local partners to supply hospitals and health centers with $30,000 in assistance.

Zimbabwe Food Crisis Continues as New Aid Efforts Reach Urban Poor
16 Oct 03 | With World Food Day drawing attention to the plight of the hungry worldwide, Catholic Relief Services is stepping up food assistance efforts in Zimbabwe's increasingly vulnerable urban areas, as the HIV/AIDS pandemic exacerbate a food crisis.

Java Justice: Christian Organizations Work Together to Ease Poverty Among Nicaragua’s Coffee Farmers
16 Oct 03 | Catholic Relief Services, Lutheran World Relief and World Relief tomorrow will sign a pact with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), to work together to ease the poverty faced by thousands of small coffee farmers in Nicaragua.

CRS Rallies U.S. Catholics Behind $200 Million Senate Amendment for Liberia's Reconstruction
14 Oct 03 | Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is mobilizing U.S. Catholics in a final push to convince Congress to designate at least $200 million to help Liberians rebuild their war-ravaged nation and provide badly needed food, medical supplies, and water.

CRS Statement on the Launch of the Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline
09 Oct 03 | Last week, the first oil tanker left the waters off Kribi, Cameroon, with 950,000 barrels of crude and the hopes of millions of Chadians to whom the oil belongs. But fragile are the hopes that the revenues will lift people out of poverty.

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