DAV National Commander Launches Drive to Boost Volunteers

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
Tuesday, 15 January 2002

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) today launched a new and exciting program to add to its historic record of service to disabled veterans and their families by asking more Americans to join the DAV Voluntary Services Program to comfort disabled veterans in need of medical care all across America.

The goal of the new National Commander's Volunteer Recruitment Initiative is to increase DAV's corps of volunteers by 10% during the year. "We need to begin rebuilding our corps of volunteers to meet the needs of our veterans well into the future," DAV National Commander George H. Steese, Jr., said. "Beginning in February, DAV Departments and Chapters will launch their own vigorous efforts to recruit new volunteers, including the youth of America, on the local level in support of this initiative."

Commander Steese made the announcement during a kickoff ceremony at the Department of Veterans Affairs medical center in San Diego, Calif. Joining him were Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi and other VA Voluntary Service officials, DAV National Director of Voluntary Services Jerry P. Steelman, and DAV Department of California officials.

"My goal is to increase the DAV's corps of volunteers by 10% more than the current level, which is 8,208. The goal will be to add 820 new DAV volunteers," Commander Steese said. "At the same time, I am calling on the DAV Auxiliary to increase its volunteer force by 10% as well. Together we hope to build a corps of more than 11,000 volunteers."

"The possibilities that can be achieved by our vast DAV membership and the American public are limited only by our imagination," he said. "And that means even greater possibilities of service to our fellow veterans and their families."

To encourage others to volunteer for the DAV Voluntary Services Program, the DAV will release a public service announcement featuring Oscar-winning actor Paul Newman, a World War II veteran, urging Americans to volunteer to help our nation's veterans. The public service announcement will be made available to television stations throughout America.

"All of you, regardless of age, have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our nation's freedom," Commander Steese said.

The million-member Disabled American Veterans, a non-profit organization founded in 1920 and chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1932, represents 2.3 million disabled veterans. It is dedicated to one, single purpose: building better lives for our nation's disabled veterans and their families.

For more information, or to contact Disabled American Veterans (DAV), see their website at: www.dav.org

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