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American Cancer Society Response to LANCET Article on Worldwide
11 Sep 03 | The Sept. 13 issue of THE LANCET includes a study that finds tobacco is an increasingly important cause of global mortality. Below is a statement from John R. Seffrin, PhD, president of the International Union Against Cancer and national CEO of ACS.

Progress Shown in Death Rates from Four Leading Cancers
02 Sep 03 | Death rates from the four most common cancers – lung, breast, prostate, and colorectal – continued to decline in the late 1990s according to new data from the "Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, 1975-2000."

American Cancer Society Examines Cancer Trends in Hispanic / Latino Americans
20 Aug 03 | A new report from the American Cancer Society finds Hispanic/Latino Americans –the largest and fastest-growing minority in the United States—have a unique cancer risk profile that requires a targeted approach to prevention.

American Cancer Society Announces 2003 Luther L. Terry Award Winners
01 Aug 03 | Malaysia's Mary Assunta Kolandai and Australia's Simon Chapman, Ph.D., will be among those honored by the American Cancer Society for their exemplary leadership in the world's tobacco control movement.

Report Reiterates Tobacco Industry Efforts to Target Women in Developing Countries
01 Aug 03 | A new report on tobacco use and control lends further support to evidence that the tobacco industry is increasingly targeting women in developing nations, the largest remaining untapped market for cigarettes.

American Cancer Society Finds Many States Falling Short on Cancer Policy Issues
31 Jul 03 | A new nationwide report from the American Cancer Society finds only one state got a perfect score on six key issues in the fight against cancer. Only California measured up to the Society's benchmarks on all six issues.

Cancer Charities Launch International Tobacco Control Initiative
31 Jul 03 | Cancer Research UK and the American Cancer Society ­ two of the world's largest cancer charities ­ will today announce the first wave of grants for tobacco control campaigners in South America, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Africa.

American Cancer Society and International Union Against Cancer Publish Tobacco Control Strategy Guides
31 Jul 03 | American Cancer Society and Union Against Cancer today announced the publication of a new series of guides for tobacco control advocates entitled Tobacco Control Strategy Planning.

60,000 Cancer Deaths and 100,000 New Cases Avoidable Annually
30 Jun 03 | Smoking, poor diets, obesity, sedentary lifestyles and failure to get early cancer detection tests all contribute to the excess burden of cancer.

American Cancer Society appoints Chief Development Officer
09 Jun 03 | The American Cancer Society, the nation's leading voluntary health organization, has named Robert D. "Rob" Mitchell to the newly formed post of nationwide Chief Development Officer.

American Cancer Society Presents 2003 Medal of Honor Awards
05 Jun 03 | The American Cancer Society's Medal of Honor recognizes outstanding contributions in the areas of clinical research, basic research and cancer control.

American Cancer Society Condemns Tobacco Industry Study for Inaccurate Use of Data
15 May 03 | The American Cancer Society today strongly criticized a misleading tobacco industry-funded study that compromises Society data by using flawed methodology to falsely conclude environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) may not affect lung cancer risk.

American Cancer Society Issues Updated Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines
15 May 03 | The American Cancer Society has issued breast cancer screening guidelines that, for the first time, offer specific guidance for older women, women who have serious health problems, and women at increased risk.

Major New American Cancer Society Study Links Obesity to Increased Cancer Death Risk
30 Apr 03 | In the biggest study of its kind to date, American Cancer Society researchers say current patterns of overweight and obesity in the United States could account for 14 percent of all cancer deaths in men and 20 percent of those in women.

American Cancer Society supports Federal Government Suit Against
18 Mar 03 | We commend the Department of Justice for its decision to seek $289 billion in damages from Big Tobacco. Money talks and seems to be the only means of holding the industry accountable.

American Cancer Society Names New Research Professor
13 Mar 03 | The American Cancer Society, the largest non-government funder of scientific cancer research, has designated Lewis L. Lanier, PhD, University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) as its latest American Cancer Society Research Professor.

American Cancer Society and the National Hockey League Team Up to "Stick It" to Cancer
12 Mar 03 | With two of its players, surviving well-publicized battles with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in recent years, the National Hockey League (NHL) understands first-hand the impact of cancer and the importance of supporting the search for a cure.

Nation Hits the Scales for the First American Cancer Society Great American Weigh In
28 Feb 03 | The American Cancer Society is launching the event working with founding sponsor Weight Watchers to help spread the word on the important role that eating well, being active, and maintaining a healthy weight have on reducing the risk of cancer.

Cancer in America 2003
28 Feb 03 | Newly compiled data from the American Cancer Society finds even as death rates from several major cancers continue to decline, an aging population will produce a slight rise in the total number of cancer deaths in 2003.

Wanted: 50,000 Former and Current Smokers for Major Lung Screening Trial
20 Nov 02 | Since the first Great American Smokeout® 26 years ago, the percentage of Americans who smoke has dropped off dramatically. But one other statistic remains unchanged. A diagnosis of lung cancer is as deadly today as it was in 1977.

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