Focus on the Family Calls for Effort to Counter “Gay Marriage”

Focus on the Family
Friday, 27 June 2003

Adopting Federal Marriage Amendment Is the Only Way to Protect Marriage as We Know It

There's "a social storm upon us now, and what's caught in the storm . . . is the very institution of marriage itself," said Tom Minnery, vice president of public policy for Focus on the Family, on a June 27 national broadcast.

Noting a recent (June 10) Canadian court ruling that legalized homosexual "marriage," Minnery predicted that "some homosexual couples will go to Canada, get 'married,' come back home and want to have their 'marriage' licenses honored here"—a step toward institutionalizing the same arrangement in the United States. Furthermore, he noted, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is expected to issue a ruling any day now legally recognizing same-sex "marriage" in that state — an action which would lead to lawsuits seeking to force all other states to recognize those unions.

Minnery, along with Dr. Bill Maier, psychologist-in-residence at Focus on the Family, discusses the issue today on the Focus on the Family radio broadcast with two guests who are key leaders in the fight to preserve traditional marriage in the United States: Alan Sears, attorney and president of the Alliance Defense Fund; and Matt Daniels, president of the Alliance for Marriage.

Even Canada's action will undoubtedly have an impact on the United States, unless action is taken right away. Attorney Sears noted that, in its Thursday ruling striking down laws against sodomy, the U.S. Supreme Court cited a foreign court — the European Court of Human Rights—for precedents.

"Have we ever heard of the federal courts looking to European modern courts to interpret our Constitution before?" Sears asked. He suggested that's evidence that, "as Justice Scalia said in this case, the [U.S. Supreme] Court has signed on to the homosexual agenda."

To protect the institution of marriage from activist judges, the panelists agreed, it'll take a constitutional amendment—the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA). The FMA "represents the consensus of the American people that marriage is a man and a woman," Daniels said. "It takes the courts completely out of the business of social revolution and remaking the family at the request of activist groups."

Minnery argued that the stakes go beyond what people do in their bedrooms. "If society is unable to say anything about what sexual activities are disagreeable, then it before long will have no say in which sexual activities are desirable," he said. What's at stake is "the institution of marriage, which has forever been deemed to be something that society should uphold. . . . That is the tradition of Western civilization."

He urged listeners "to call their member of Congress and to say the Federal Marriage Amendment must be passed."

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