FOF Hopeful New Global AIDS Czar Will Carry Out Bush's Vision

Focus on the Family
Wednesday, 2 July 2003

Peter Brandt, director of issues response at Focus on the Family, released the following statement in response to President Bush's nomination of Randall Tobias, the former CEO of Eli Lilly & Co pharmaceuticals, to head the administration's $15 billion global AIDS initiative:

"Mr. Tobias is rather new to this issue, but we are optimistic that the president would not have selected him for the important position if he didn't share the administration's philosophy that the condoms-first model of AIDS prevention has been a miserable failure across the globe.

"President Bush has articulated a clear vision for combating HIV and AIDS in Africa and throughout the world, a vision that recognizes the importance and effectiveness of abstinence and faithfulness-within-marriage education. We welcome the opportunity to offer Mr. Tobias and his colleagues in the State Department any resources we can to make the fight against this pandemic a great humanitarian success."

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