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Sex Ed: What Parents Really Think
11 Feb 03 | On February 13th, the Coalition for Adolescent Sexual Health will release the results of a landmark survey tracking parental attitudes on sex education. Conducted by Zogby International, the poll reveals how parents view various approaches to sex-ed.

Dr. James Dobson Applauds Bush's State of the Union Address
29 Jan 03 | It takes a man of strength and courage to defend the sanctity of human life when his critics, including all six Democratic candidates for president, are promoting the killing of babies; even full-term healthy infants in the process of delivery.

Focus on the Family Calls for an End to the Culture of Death
20 Jan 03 | As the nation prepares to observe 30 years of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton—the two 1973 Supreme Court judgements legalizing abortion on demand—Focus on the Family reflects on the tragic consequences of these landmark decisions.

Focus on the Family Responds to Claims of First Human Clone
30 Dec 02 | While Focus on the Family remains highly skeptical of Clonaid's claims, Dr. James C. Dobson, president of Focus on the Family, expressed grave concern over the reports.

40 Million Abortions and Counting...
26 Nov 02 | In 1973, Richard Nixon was President, the Watergate scandal made headlines, and a gallon of gasoline cost 39 cents. Perhaps more historic were two U.S. Supreme Court cases that spawned a heated debate which divides our country still today.

Dobson Encourages Bush to Urge BBBSA to Rescind Pro-Gay Policy
25 Nov 02 | Today, Focus on the Family applauded efforts by Congressman Tom Tancredo and others who have encouraged President Bush to ask Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) to respect parental rights within the organization's mentoring program.

Lisa Beamer At Focus on the Family
22 Nov 02 | Lisa Beamer, widow of hijacked Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer, will be at Focus on the Family today. A public figure since her husband's heroic death on September 11, 2001, Lisa comes to Focus with a piercing story of courage, love and triumph.

Dr. Dobson Releases His "Most Important Work"
21 Nov 02 | Dr. James Dobson's bestselling book Bringing Up Boys is now a video seminar featuring practical advice and encouragement for shaping the next generation of men. Bringing Up Boys includes 11 sessions recorded before a live audience.

Focus on the Family Partners with Ronald McDonald House Charities
20 Nov 02 | This Wednesday, November 20, thousands of McDonald's locations worldwide will highlight their local children's charities. Starting in New Zealand, World Children's Day will be ushered in around the globe.

Focus on the Family’s Biggest Promotional Event Gets Bigger
19 Nov 02 | More regions, more cyclists, more impact- this is just the beginning of Focus' new vision for continuing the National Bike Ride for the Family. Cyclists can now join one of ten regional rides mapped across the U.S. in 2003.

Dobson Denounces Congressional Leaders Over Bankruptcy Reform Bill
14 Nov 02 | Dr. James Dobson, president of Focus on the Family, has denounced efforts by Republican leaders in Congress to bring a bankruptcy reform bill to the House floor for a vote.

FOF Features Former Homosexuals at National Conference on Nov. 2
30 Oct 02 | Focus on the Family will feature former homosexuals at its 19th national conference in Washington D.C. amid warnings of protests from gay activists. Much attention has been generated by ads for the conference that appeared in Washington newspapers.

Christmas Hope Given to Children of Prisoners
26 Oct 02 | Focus on the Family announces its second annual partnership with Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree® program. The two organizations are uniting this Christmas in a unique and strategic effort to distribute evangelism materials to 600,000 children.

Nation's Largest Gay Newspaper Rejects FOF Ad
23 Oct 02 | The Washington Blade has deprived readers an update on a story that made headlines two years ago. The paper's parent company overruled editors who wanted to publish an ad about overcoming homosexuality from one of the country's best-known ex-gays.

Washington Post Ad Features Former NOW Spokeswoman
21 Oct 02 | Today's edition of the Washington Post features a full-page ad recounting the journey of Amy Tracy, a former lesbian who worked as a press secretary at the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the National Organization for Women (NOW).

October: Focus on Your Child's World Month
11 Oct 02 | In a world full of constant changes in fashion, entertainment, values, and so much more, how can parents keep up? This month Focus on the Family introduces to its daily broadcast a special emphasis, Focus on Your Child's World.

'National Coming Out of Homosexuality Day' Celebrated
10 Oct 02 | Focus on the Family celebrates the changed lives of ex-gay men and women on the seventh annual "National Coming Out of Homosexuality Day" today. Former homosexuals will present their stories and struggles.

Focus on the Family Celebrates Victory in California
02 Oct 02 | Responding to opposition from concerned citizens, Gov. Gray Davis quietly vetoed AB 2651, a bill that would have forced radical pro-gay policies upon California's foster care system. Focus on the Family opposed the bill and called the veto a victory.

Focus on the Family Exposes the "Banned" Books Lie
23 Sep 02 | The American Library Association is lying to Americans by promoting yet another, "Banned Books Week," Focus on the Family said today. The event will be promoted in bookstores, libraries and schools nationwide Sept. 21-28.

Oliver North To Sign New Book at Focus on the Family
23 Sep 02 | The name Oliver North evokes strong emotion from almost anyone. Known for his unrelenting courage, North has proven his valor by facing personal tragedy. As an accomplished novelist, North authored two previous books.

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