Food for the Hungry Responds to Floods in Central America

Food for the Hungry
Tuesday, 18 June 2002

Food for the Hungry is providing food and shelter-building materials for flood victims in Honduras and Nicaragua.

In May of this year, Nicaragua and Honduras were drenched with more than two and a half times their normal rainfall. Some areas received 28 inches of rain within a two-week period. The ensuing floods and mudslides caused the evacuation of 1,200 homes. Seven highways and five bridges are in need of major repairs. Authorities have estimated the damage at about $1 million, and 3,000 Nicaraguans are temporarily homeless.

Western Honduras had been in a drought since March, causing over 30,000 people to suffer from hunger. When the rains finally came, the parched land was unable to handle all the water. Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras, is dealing with more than 90 tons of mud as a result of flooding. The heavy rains have pushed at least 200 Hondurans from their homes, and three deaths have been reported.

Food for the Hungry is working with the local churches to distribute food and plastic sheeting. The sheeting will help provide temporary shelter for the flood victims while they repair their homes.

Nicaragua and Honduras have been pounded by natural disasters in recent years. Tropical storm Michelle ripped through Central America in November of 2001, forcing 100,000 Hondurans and 15,000 Nicaraguans from their homes.

In October of 1998, Hurricane Mitch killed 7,000 in Honduras and 2,000 in Nicaragua. Deemed the fourth strongest hurricane in history, Mitch caused extreme crop, bridge, and highway damage. Much of the damage done by Mitch has yet to be repaired.

Food for the Hungry has been active in Nicaragua since 1972, when the relief organization provided aid for earthquake victims. In 1994, Food for the Hungry established its first Facilitation Model to empower Nicaraguan people with the means for their own survival. Since Hurricane Mitch in 1998, disaster relief efforts have been the focus of Food for the Hungry's involvement in Honduras and Nicaragua.

Food for the Hungry is an international relief and development agency of Christian motivation, helping those who are affected by floods, famines, earthquakes, war, hunger, and poverty. Projects include agriculture, income generation, health care, water and sanitation, child sponsorship, and relief. To help with relief efforts in Nicaragua and Honduras, or for more information, call 1-800-2-HUNGER or visit us online.

For more information, or to contact Food for the Hungry, see their website at:

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