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The mission of The Fund for Peace is to prevent war and alleviate the conditions that cause war. The Fund promotes education and research for practical solutions. It is a consistent advocate of promoting social justice and respect for the principles of constitutional democracy.

There has never been a more important time to work for peace. We face the double challenge of combatting public apathy in the US with regard to foreign affairs and the specter of growing internal wars and regional conflict. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, we have witnessed approximately 50 wars, mostly within states, that have killed approximately 4-5 million people, with women and children the main victims. From Bosnia to East Timor to Sierra Leone, the international community has addressed this new terrain of conflict in an ad hoc fashion, often intervening in ways that are controversial, inadequate and often counter-productive.

The Fund for Peace is focussing on this new generation of conflict. We pursue issues at the leading edge of where the fields of peace and security, human rights, growth and development and humanitarian action converge. Our programs strengthen the ability of decision-makers and analysts to forecast such conflicts, apply preventive diplomacy, assess the effectiveness of responses, stem arms flows and work with key constituencies to advance human rights. We are known for bringing people together, for being pragmatic, and for bringing technology into the service of building peace.

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Fund for Peace Receives Hewlett Grant Award to Promote Peace
15 Mar 02 | The Fund for Peace recently received a one-year planning grant of $500,000 in general support from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation of Menlo Park, California. "We are deeply grateful for this Hewlett Foundation investment in peace," said ...

Fund for Peace Urges Army Secretary to Save Peacekeeping Office
12 Mar 02 | In a letter to the Secretary of the Army, Thomas White, The Fund for Peace urged him to keep the Army's Peacekeeping Institute operational. "The Army, alone among the services, has an institution devoted peacekeeping.

Fund for Peace calls for arms embargo on Zimbabwe
05 Mar 02 | In a letter to the U.N. Security Council today, The Fund for Peace called for U.N. smart sanctions on Zimbabwe, including an arms embargo and financial sanctions to be enacted immediately. International financial sanctions may deter government ...

Fund for Peace Hosts KQED Nobel Prize Documentary and Discussion on Who Will Lead Us to Peace in 2025?
27 Feb 02 | Fund for Peace Hosts KQED Nobel Prize Documentary and Discussion on Who Will Lead Us to Peace in 2025? Following the screening Dr. Pauline H. Baker, President of The Fund for Peace will lead an expert panel to engage the audience on "Who will win ...

Arms Broker Arrested, Ringleader Remains At Large
26 Feb 02 | The arms trafficking ringleader Victor Bout, a former KGB official, continues to remain at large, despite numerous U.N. investigation that between 1996 and 2002 have exposed his sanction-busting operations. The Fund for Peace has been active in ...

Fund for Peace Launches the James R. Compton Peace Award
31 Jan 02 | The Fund for Peace will inaugurate the James R. Compton Peace Award with a dinner at Stanford University today that will gather more than 120 local, regional, national and international leaders from business, academe, and the nonprofit sector. ...



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