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American Forests is a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, a pioneer in the science and practice of urban forestry, and a primary communicator of the benefits of trees and forests. American Forests is the nation’s oldest nonprofit citizens’ conservation organization. Citizens concerned about the waste and abuse of the nation’s forests founded American Forests in 1875.

American Forests’ Ecosystem Restoration and Maintenance Agenda presents our core values and seeks to build support for our policy goals. These goals focus on assisting communities in planning and implementing tree and forest actions to restore and maintain healthy ecosystems and communities.

We also work with community-based forestry partners in both urban and rural areas to help them participate in national forest policy discussions. American Forests seeks to broaden awareness of the interdependence of communities and forests through our policy and communication activities with local partners.

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National Champion American Elm Dies
09 Jun 03 | American Forests, the nation's oldest citizens based environmental organization, announced today that the nations largest known American elm has died. Located in Grand Traverse County, MI, the elm was diagnosed with the deadly Dutch elm disease.

A Million Trees Planted for Earth Day
21 Apr 03 | American Forests has reached its goal of planting a million trees for Earth Day. The "Million Trees for Earth Day" campaign, urged organizations across the United States to help plant trees to celebrate Earth Day, April 22nd.

New Study Shows Tree Deficit in the Philadelphia Area
27 Mar 03 | According to a new study by conservation organization American Forests, Delaware Valley's urban forest is experiencing a tree deficit. The area does not have adequate tree cover to compensate the changes made to the landscape.

Trees Offer Significant Benefits as Charlotte Area Officials Expect Future Growth
19 Mar 03 | According to a new study by conservation organization AMERICAN FORESTS, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina's urban forest has declined significantly over the last 17 years, including drastic changes in the City of Charlotte and surrounding towns.

Wanted: National Champion Trees
10 Mar 03 | Does your community have a huge maple or massive oak tree? If so, American Forests wants to know about it before July 1, 2003, the deadline for nominations to American Forests' 2004/2005 National Register of Big Trees.

More Trees Mean Cleaner Water
05 Mar 03 | March 10 is the deadline for nearly 8,000 municipalities with populations under 100,000 to file their stormwater management plans under Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) "Stormwater Phase II" of the Clean Water Act.

One Million Trees For Earth Day
28 Feb 03 | Companies can make a big difference in the health of our planet by planting trees through AMERICAN FORESTS' Global ReLeaf program, which partners with community organizations across the United States and around the world.

Soccer Kids to Help Plant More Than 800,000 Trees In Arizona Forests
07 Feb 03 | The year 2002 was the worst wildfire season in recent history as millions of acres of forest in the West were damaged by record-breaking wildfires. By last November, more than 6.5 million acres of forests were destroyed.

Trees Offer Significant Benefits as Northwest Arkansas Population Grows
22 Jan 03 | According to a new study by conservation organization American Forests, the Northwest Arkansas's urban forest has not declined significantly over the last 15 years, however, local growth hotspots indicate patterns of decline in air and water quality.

Fighting Fire With Spare Change
18 Dec 02 | American Forests, the nation's oldest nonprofit conservation organization and a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration and b·cause want to plant thousands of trees in wildfire restoration projects across the U.S.

Natural Touch® and Wild Oats Help Support American Forests' Local Reforestation Efforts
11 Oct 02 | Today during a tree-planting ceremony at Carlos M. Cole Middle School, Natural Touch® Veggie Foods and Wild Oats Markets announced a joint donation to American Forests to assist with local reforestation efforts. American Forests' Wildfire ReLeaf ...

Storm Topples Champion Tree
07 Jun 02 | Maryland residents and Americans everywhere lost a treasure on June 6, when a severe thunderstorm felled the national champion Wye Oak on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Since the tree's death, the National Register of Big Trees no longer has a White ...

New Study Provides Tree Cover Data For Communities in the D.C. Metro Area
13 May 02 | The data from this analysis is available to any community within the study area, with the purchase of American Forests' CITYgreen 5.0 software. In 1996, conservation professionals at American Forests developed CITYgreen to analyze tree canopy and...

American Forests Unveils CITYgreen 5.0
13 May 02 | AMERICAN FORESTS unveiled the latest in CITYgreen software, a comprehensive, user-friendly program that allows people living in metro areas to translate tree cover into municipal cost savings. In 1996, CITYgreen was created by conservation ...

ABC's World News Tonight with Peter Jennings Features American Forests' Historic Tree Nursery
27 Apr 02 | "We're trying to take people who think of themselves as historians and turn them into tree planters," said Jeffrey Meyer, project director of American Forests' Historic Tree Nursery. The story also featured history buff Ken Roberts with the more ...

National Champion Trees Crowned
05 Apr 02 | WASHINGTON, DC (April 5, 2002) - Officials at AMERICAN FORESTS ( today released the 2002 National Register of Big Trees, a species-by-species listing of the largest trees in the United States. Since the 2000 Register, 118 new ...

Memorial Tree Groves to be Planted in Honor of 9-11 Victims and Heroes
31 Jan 02 | The Memorial Tree Groves program also will sponsor the planting of 184 memorial trees in Arlington County, Virginia. Eddie Bauer's Memorial Tree Groves program is part of AMERICAN FORESTS' Memorial Trees Campaign, which is planting memorial ...

New Internet Site Educates Americans About a Hot Topic: Wildfire
04 Jan 02 | Every tree planted by American Forests' Wildfire ReLeaf campaign will be matched tree-for-tree by the Forest Service. We invite people of all ages to help American Forests restore thousands of burned acres by planting millions of native trees."

American Forests Unveils Innovative Planning System at NCPC Meeting
07 Dec 01 | WASHINGTON, DC (December 7, 2001) - New technology that could revolutionize urban planning was unveiled this morning at a meeting of the National Capital Planning Commission in Washington, DC. By combining high-resolution satellite imagery and a ...

Meryl Streep Helps American Forests Plant Trees
13 Nov 01 | In the PSAs, the well-known actress encourages television viewers to plant trees with AMERICAN FORESTS by visiting or by calling the organization's tree-planting hotline, 1-800-545-TREE. "I support the tree-planting ...

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