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Gladney opened its doors over 100 years ago as one manís mission to find appropriate homes for orphaned children. Today, the Gladney Center for Adoption is an international leader in adoption services, having placed more than 25,000 children in forever homes and helped more than 36,000 birth mothers.

A genuine commitment to client service makes Gladney an exceptional adoption agency. We recognize that the needs of adoptive parents, birth parents and adopted children differ. Each need is addressed individually through flexible, comprehensive programs administered by various professionals and experts in adoption matters.

Each year, the Gladney Center for Adoption spends over $1 million to educate the public about adoption. The reason is simple: every 26 seconds in the United States a child is born to a young woman who is not prepared to parent. And too often, she lacks knowledge about adoption. She is not aware that her child can be placed in a loving home and that an agency adoption is the safest, most effective means of resolving an unplanned pregnancy.

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The Gladney Center featured on Hallmark Channel's "Adoption" Series
10 Nov 03 | On November 16, at 10:00 p.m. CST, Hallmark Channel will air a special episode featuring The Gladney Center's maternity home and two of Gladney's birth mothers, Megan and Candace, making the difficult, yet courageous, decision of adoption.

Gladney Center for Adoption Presents Bright Futures Camp
08 Jul 03 | Summary: Gladney Center for Adoption's 2nd Annual Bright Futures Camp will be July 24 to August 3, 2003 in Fort Worth, Texas. The Camp enables older children from an orphanage in Russia to experience family life in the United States for a week.

The Gladney Center For Adoption Celebrates The Chinese New Year
28 Jan 03 | The Gladney Center for Adoption is hosting a Chinese New Year Celebration in honor of families who have adopted internationally. The Year of the Sheep celebration will be held Saturday, February 1, 2003 at The Gladney Center for Adoption.

Gladney Celebrates 115 Years With A Family-Centered, Grand Opening Celebration
02 Nov 02 | This year also marks the organization's 115th Anniversary, celebrating the oldest adoption agency of its kind in the nation, with a mission to "create bright futures through adoption."

Gladney Center for Adoption Celebrates 1000th International Placement!
27 Mar 02 | Tommy and Karen Gilstrap of Fort Worth are coming home from Guatemala with a very special treasure -- their new daughter, Maria. Nine-month old Maria is coming to the United States to begin a new life with her new forever family.

Gladney International Families Celebrate Eastern European Easter Eggsstravganza
09 Apr 01 | Agency Information: Gladney has placed more than 270 children through its Russian Adoption program. However, many children remain in orphanages hoping to be adopted by an American Family.

One Church, One Child Hosts Annual National Convention
15 Sep 00 | Fort Worth, Texas --- One Church, One Child of Texas, Inc. hosts their Annual National Convention, September 26 - 29 in Arlington, Texas at the Hilton in Arlington. Adoption specialists, children's advocates and Texas' own prominent pastors will ...

Gladney Moves into the Information Age: Information Packets Available On-Line
16 Jun 00 | Fort Worth, Texas --- In an effort to continue providing exceptional customer service and updated information on the changing aspects of adoption, Gladney is offering information packages to clients on-line. "By providing this information on-line...

Chinese New Year Celebration of International Adoption at Fort Worth Zoo
12 Feb 00 | The Gladney Center for Adoption is hosting a Chinese New Year Celebration in honor of families who have adopted internationally. In March of 1994, the Gladney Center for Adoption's first internationally adopted child came home to the U.S. from ...

Gladney Center Announces Sale of Campus to FWISD
23 Jun 99 | The Gladney Center announced the sale of its campus to the Fort Worth Independent School (FWISD) district today for the purpose of building a Kindergarten through 5th grade Montessori school for neighborhood children. Michael J. McMahon, ...

Gladney Sale to Fort Worth Independent School District
16 Jun 99 | Will the Gladney Center remain in Fort Worth? What has been the community impact the Gladney Center has made on Fort Worth?

International Adoption: Thank Heaven for Little Girls
10 Feb 99 | Through its broad-based international adoption program, Gladney is committed to finding homes for Chinese little girls. Although 95 percent of the adoptees are girls, some boys do await families," says Gladney's China Program Manager Gongzhan Wu.

One Block at a Time: Answering Your Child's Adoption Questions
10 Feb 99 | The simple approach of "stacking blocks" is helpful when explaining adoption to an adopted child. Karen Lancaster, author of "Keys to Adopting a Child" and an adoptive parent, suggests parents create a life book for their child.



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