Goodwill Volunteersí Dedication and Spirit Receives Top-Notch Annual Award

Goodwill Industries International
Thursday, 19 June 2003

Peggy Nenninger honored as Goodwill Industries Volunteer of the Year

Her humor, work ethic and dedication all contribute to the overflowing and contagious positive attitude that Peggy Nenninger brings to her volunteer duties at Goodwill Industries-Knoxville, Inc. (Tennessee). Those who work alongside her at the Kingston Pike retail store can't help but catch Nenninger's zeal for helping others.

Ten years ago, when she first began participating in the agency's Supported Employment/Follow Along program, Nenninger decided to became a Goodwill volunteer. Through the employment program, she landed a job at Red Lobster. She has progressively assumed more responsibilities at that restaurant, including busing tables, cleaning the lobster tanks and rolling silverware and napkins.

After her daily shift at Red Lobster, Nenninger takes the bus to the Goodwill store, where she begins her volunteer work. She sorts, hangs and folds clothing, among other duties, for three hours each day. In 2002, she put in 780 hours of volunteer service at the store. For the last six years, Nenninger has also volunteered for a starring role as a runway model at Knoxville Goodwill's Annual Vintage Fashion Show.

Nenninger's show of enthusiasm and goodwill has earned her the distinction of Goodwill's first person with Down Syndrome to receive the Volunteer of the Year Award. With this award, the Goodwill Industries Volunteer Services recognizes an outstanding volunteer who works in support of a member Goodwill organization. "Peggy is a leading example of the devoted nature of Goodwill volunteers across the country," says Dorothy Farkas, President of Goodwill Industries Volunteer Services. "She is a dutiful volunteer that values the use of her time and as well as others."

Nenninger's vibrant spirit of volunteerism extends beyond Goodwill into the larger community of persons with disabilities. She and her mother created the Rocky Top Club, a social organization for individuals with Down Syndrome and other disabilities, which lasted for about 10 years.

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